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Is there a chance he could still come back?

Asked by meesh1220 (40points) November 5th, 2010

Just curious if any of you ever had an ex contact you even after you were so hurt and angry and ended up showing these emotions thru texts. He never said to “move on” or to leave him alone(he broke up with me back in Feb but wanted to remain “friends”). Not sure what could be going thru his mind right now, or if he even cares. I haven’t contacted him in 2 weeks. Is it possible that if I remain quiet and “disappear” he could contact me?

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Who knows? I think you should go out and have fun rather than wait around for him to decide if you will be happy or not ;))

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I second @lucillelucillelucille‘s sentiment. Your happiness comes from within.. not from him, or anyone else. The people we love merely compliment what we already feel.

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It is, of course, possible.

On the other hand, the friend line could have just been a fake out.

Why are you worrying about or thinking about him contacting you? It is over. Move on emotionally.

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The guy is a looser. Get out of the house and kick it!

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He broke up with you nine months ago. Dollars to doughnuts he hasn’t been sitting at home wondering about your feelings…

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If he broke up with you in Feburary and suggested that he wanted to remain friends, it typically means that he values you, yet doesn’t find you the love of his life. You say that you haven’t contacted him in two weeks, so I am assuming that you have over the past nine months since the break-up. Has he been in contact with you all this time as well?

If he has returned your txt messages and now you have suddenly stopped the communication, it is no surprise that he sent you a txt. If his message came out of the blue, then it is understandable why you might question it.

It is really up to you what you want to do in this situation. People make mistakes when it comes to relationships, and I don’t think that age always makes a difference. People make mistakes in relationional choices as they mature and become more comfortable and accept who they are. Please don’t read into his intent and assume anything. Be honest with yourself how you truly feel about this guy in order to make sure that they are nothing other than true compatibility.

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People want what they cannot have. Of course he will come back, if and only if, you continue to ignore him. His fragile ego will not leave him any other choice.

But if all he offers you is his fragile ego, then the whole scenario will repeat itself. Best to stay away and leave him and his fragile ego to themselves, and some new insecure lass.

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Thank you for your responses guys!. It helps alot. I really have done everything I’m supposed to do, go out, socialize, date, keep busy. But he remains in my mind, and there’s not a day that goes by when I don’t think of him. I ended up calling him a week ago, and he answered, to my surprise. I did it mainly for me, to bury the negativity, to start fresh and “try” to move on with a healthy, clear mind, but also because I miss him, I’m not gonna lie. His behavior was confusing because he was acting like he missed me by teasing and mocking me, like when we were together. I just needed him to know that anything negative that was said needed to be buried because life’s too short to carry it with me, and I didn’t want any burned bridges between us. Our break-up was his decision, but it hurt me because he made me so damn happy. But he said it wasn’t me, it was him. To be honest, if he wanted to talk and hang out again, I would, in a heart beat. He’s a good guy, caring, sweet, and funny! I’m not sure what that meant by him answering and acting all silly with me, but it left me feeling alot better than I did before. =)

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