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If you could get one tattoo, what would you get?

Asked by amandaafoote (860points) April 3rd, 2008

If you could get one painless tattoo, of anything you want, no matter the size or difficulty, what would you get?

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A giant tattoo of Dr J ^_^

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I would tattoo an exact copy of myself. Tats and all.

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A dragonfly. I got a nice henna one at the beach last summer, and now I want to do it for real.

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I already have 5! My favorite of which is Xena!!!

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b: thatd be interesting to see. creative.

i have one. the earth in the shape of a heart. i love it. i kind of wish it was bigger though. it was my first tattoo and i didnt want to regret it so i got it done pretty small… but i still love it.

i would get a golden poppy to represent my home state. i actually do still want this done. =]

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I have sleeves, my thighs covered, and a “tramp stamp”.(one on my lower back) My next one, is gonna be the “fluther jellyfish”, I’ll hide it in a little empty spot, on my right arm! When my daughter gets here in July, I’m going to get stacked Alphabet Blocks (blocks with letters and numbers on different sides) with her name and date of birth.

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I’ve been thinking about this for years and I still cant think of anything to get…

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Only one? “Secular Humanist” or Charles Darwin’s signature across the back of my neck in brown. Either that or getting the character of delirium somewhere on me.

(I wouldn’t get one of my fish because that wouldn’t be collecting them.)

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I got a peace sign with 2 daisy’s inside it on the back of my neck. Love it.

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this month, my cousins and I are getting little bumble bee tattoos, as a memory and tribute to our grandma Bea who passed away about 10 years ago. I can’t wait.

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a big fat jellyfish.

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Why settle for anything less awesome than this?

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phoenyx: HAHAHAHAHA!!

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An excerpt from an Ginsberg poem that reads, ‘We are not our skin of grime.”

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a large artistic peice of a cherry blossom tree and sexy geisha on the lower half of my back. i will get it someday. it’ll cost me an arm and a leg and probably hurt as much as taking those limbs off. but i will have it.

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oh man, i had an answer until i read that it would be painless. now i feel like i’m wasting a painless tattoo on something so small.
but regardless, i want a little yellow bird. i don’t know exactly where yet. and i don’t know exactly what i want him to look like. but i want it.

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Geiko (Geisha) and Maiko from Kyoto reside in five distinct hanamachi (literally “flower towns” or districts). I would get each of the districts’ mon (crests) tattoed on my back. Reason for this? Because of my fascination with geisha culture.

Scroll down to see the five crests:

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