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Is it considered acceptable for a woman to wear a black blazer with pinstriped pants, instead of a suit?

Asked by occ (4173points) April 3rd, 2008

I bought the jacket and pants separately. The jacket is all black, the pants are black with white pinstripes. The fabric is nearly identical, but if you look closely it’s clear that this is a jacket-pants combo, not a suit. I work for a non-profit, but have some corporate meetings coming up for work, including one at the New York Stock Exchange. I’m not familiar with corporate dress code and not sure about what will raise eyebrows.

If you think I need to get a different outfit, can I just go back to Banana Republic (where I bought the jacket a year ago) and ask them to match it with black pants? Or do I need to buy a “real” suit?

I’d particularly like to hear from people who work in the corporate world.

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If you’re put in the situation where you have to go back to see if they have the pants to match the jacket, I highly doubt they will, stores get rid of most of their old stuff. :[

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I think that’s a sexy look on women!!!

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If you can afford it, I would get a suit if I were you to be honest. Banana Republic is a great place to get one also because their clothes are usually a good balance of classic and trendy so you never end up with anything too outrageous and whatever you buy should last a couple years fashion wise.

A good suit is always handy and you might need it on an interview or something that comes up in the near future.

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it is deemed fashionably acceptable. dont go in there looking frumpy though. That is the last thing you want. As long as you look presentable, if you know what that is, its a good look. I agree with isteve, although it is a sexy look, it can also be a tacky look if not put together right.

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As long as the two blacks are not too far apart in tone, it would probably work. Maybe pair it with a crisp white shirt to up the corporate look a bit. Banana is a really good place for more reasonably priced suits, separates etc.

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BR uses some fabric over and over, so it is not far fetched to think they might have something to match it.

It’s always good to have one good suit in your closet. If you have a lot of meetings coming up, then I think it’s a good investment. I have a BR suit from five years ago that I still wear when a suit is called for and it still looks great.

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