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What are some good homemade gift ideas for my mini family reunion?

Asked by Evelyn_475 (787points) November 5th, 2010

My sister and I are from southern California and are going back to Ohio to visit family that we haven’t seen in years (so we aren’t that close with them). We want to make mementos for the kids of the family. Their ages range from youngsters to teens. We want to integrate California in the gifts somehow. Any suggestions?

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Fruit baskets made with California grown fruit.

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Picture collages of various parts of California. Like the sunsets, the coast. and depending on where you live their are all kinds of cool scenes for children of all ages.

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Print out photographs of you and your sister on Shrinky Dinks paper. Make cute jewelry and want not.

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I associate Southern Cali with the beach. Maybe a lidded glass or plastic jar (like you can get at dollar stores) filled with beach sand and shells? You and your sister could sign the jars with permanent markers.

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You can decorate a container of some sort (we get many chip board goodies in some shops, in different shapes and designs etc, ready for you to decorate). Like a pen/pencil holder or whatever you think they’d like. Decoupage it with California scenery and personalize them all for each person. You can make so many cute things this way.
EDIT: And also, fill the container with something interesting, like stationary or sweets or a personalized facecloth or whatever! :)

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You have a big age range, so my thought is this: Kids of all ages like key chains, so how bout some little gift bags or those craft Chinese food containers with California key chains, maybe some Silly Bands, and some gum and/or candy? You could also throw in a California post card into each box, and put a little note on the back of the post card, with your home address and email address, so maybe the kids might want to write thank you’s or become pen pals.

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This is a tough one, maybe you could make a family tree, print it out and frame it. Depending on how much you do or do not want to spend you could do t shirts. You could make bracelets with the family name spelled out in beads. You could use jute or black cord for the guys. I will think more on this one…

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