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Aside from the Fluther guidelines, how do you decide in which category to post your questions?

Asked by prolificus (6583points) November 5th, 2010

To me, general means serious and social means lighthearted. Yet, the guidelines say the social section allows jellies to express their opinion. So, I think I tend to post more often in social because I want opinions instead of fact. Some of the same questions, though, seem like they could go in either category. More than half the time I choose one or the other, I feel unsure about it.

Even though the guidelines are spelled out, the only thing feeling concrete to me is the Meta category because one cannot get more specific than where to place Fluther-esque questions.

How do you decide, especially for questions appropriate for either general or social?

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I always post my questions in the social category, regardless what the question is, because I believe in letting people use humor and express themselves freely.

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If I don’t mind people joking on a question of mine, it’s going into Social.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – Good for you :) I sometimes even avoid questions in the general category because of the censorship moderation.

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If I need facts or help with computer stuff, for example, it would be general but mostly social. I don’t ask a lot of questions, though.

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I don’t ask that many questions. There have been a few though that I feel very seriously about, but were posted in the Social Section in order to obtain opinions as there isn’t a cut and dry answer.

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Student loan or foreclosure questions- General

What should I name my pickle- Social

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@Pied_Pfeffer – Right. There are a few people who feel the same way I do. By posting questions in the general section (even serious questions), you’re excluding some people who may, otherwise, have an answer to your question…

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I really think that part of the problem may be how the categories are defined and that there is one missing. Perhaps there should be a category for the artists, the heretics, the comics and the rest who aren’t locking themselves away in ivy towers nor so focused on demonstrating their own intellectual abilities that they can’t let their hair down and make a joke when a conversation or someone’s comment inspires one. None of the categories seem to allow for just that. I keep picking up this thread here and there that this site is about quality questions. But honestly I suspect even Einstein and Kierkegaard may have been more fun and not all consumed in their ability to formulate a lofty question. I haven’t been here long, but long enough to get the basic energies here. Something about it keeps making me think of that country western song, “I got friends in low places”.

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@Joybird Sick around. Even the most serious and intellectual on Fluther let their hair down once in awhile, and it makes it all the more hilarious. Personally, I appreciate the occasional interjection of bluntness, humor, and completely side-tracked responses that haul me back up out of the depths of a thread that is making my blood pressure rise.

From what I have read, there are technological changes in the making that will enhance the existing ability to customize what shows up in the “Questions for You” category.

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@Joybird, friends in low places poop talking!

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I only ever post in Social because I don’t want the answers to be moderated.

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I post all of my questions in social because I like the freedom there. I want people to be able to deviate slightly from the topic or interject humor without it being a problem. Even when my question is decidedly of a more general nature, it goes in social to allow that freedom.

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I like playtime so I go to the playground. It’s not rocket science but hey, I feel right at home :¬)

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If I want specific answers – say, how to do something – it goes in general. Hypothetical, philosophical, sociological, or silly questions – social all the way.

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I prefer social as it is still possible to receive good answers and allow some ‘play’, literally and figuratively for an expansion of expression and humor.

I don’t care for rigid protocol, I want the freedom for myself and others to be able to show up however they wish in the moment.

Black & white vs. color…no contest! ;-)

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