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What are your views on the crucifix?

Asked by TheDeadWake (545points) April 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

I’m referring to the symbol not the actual event of Christ’s death on a cross. Are you of the mindset that it is a misrepresentation, and that since Christ rose he should not be depicted as dead? Also, how would you feel if you saw a depiction of Christ on the cross nude?

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I just think, “That poor dead guy…”

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That is a very tough question. The symbolism of the cross is to depict him as not just dead, but dieing for our sins, which gives us hope through faith.
I think I would have to see Christ on the cross nude to know how I felt, but I imagine I would feel the same about it as other crucifixes

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If I were to look at it purely as a symbol (filtering off all meaning to those who it has meaning to, which is nearly impossible to do), I would call it garish and manipulative. (oops, I just think I let some of its “meaning to me” seep through… no offense)

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It’s a relic of Roman justice. It’s unfortunate that Christians have connected its symbol as something Godly when all it served was a vessel for Christ’s sacrifice, but it isn’t his sacrifice we should celebrate, nor even his resurrection, but his life. Christians celebrate his death and resurrection because it validates them and is a symbol of their ability to be saved from hell, but Paul did not seem to put too much emphasis on “how great it’s going to be when we all go to heaven” but rather “if it were possible I would give up my own salvation so others could be saved.” What Jesus did on the cross was a gift flawed humanity does not deserve, but it was his life, before his death and resurrection, that should be celebrated and emulated. Jesus said “I am the way, truth and the life, no man come to the father, but by me.” before he was nailed to Roman justice.

As a writer, I appreciate the parallels of dying through the practices of gentiles… for gentiles but that is not what I would celebrate if I were a Christian.

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Gotta concur with blippio. The crucifix has too many associations with guilt and manipulation for me to see it as positive. I think I’d just find nudity baffling.

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I agree with blip, riser, and cwilbur. It really seems manipulative to me.
Though, as someone with a fervent love of art history, I am quite used to seeing it in paintings over and over again. I doubt nudity would phase me.

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Crucifixion? Good… Line forms on the left, one cross each. Thank you!
Crucifixion? Good..

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The crucifix is a reminder to me of the love Christ had for me when he laid down his life for me. It is also a symbol I wear around my neck, because I am a Christian. I do not see it as something to make me feel guilty or sad. I see it as a symbol of hope, prayer and thanksgiving that He was willing to make such a sacrifice for me.

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makes a great door stop.

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