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Is laughter an absolute necessity in a happy marriage?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) November 6th, 2010

I have always believed that laughter, in a marriage, is the “glue” that holds a couple together. To realize each other faults and to see humor in them. Laughter relieves tension and can defuse a serious situation, almost instantaniously. Question: Is this a true statement: “Couples that laugh together…....stay together”?.

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There’s a lot of truth in it…that’s for sure. Taking everything seriously will inevitably get tiresome.

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Real, heart-felt laughter is of utmost importance and adds color to life generally.

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I feel that there are more important factors, but the ability to laugh together is certainly in the Top 10, if not the Top 5. The challenge is in finding someone who laughs at the same things.

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I think laughter is essential for any good relationship (parent-to-child, close friends, couples newly-dating, couples long since wed – all of them.)

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I think shared laughter is definitely vital to a good marriage.

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Added comment: i know of a couple that has been married at least 30 years. they sit across the table from each other and never smile. they barely talk to each other. i do not understand how this marriage has lasted this long. i know that “silence is golden”, but their situation is ridiculous.

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Aren’t you observing their relationship as an outsider? You don’t really know what they talk about or do when they are alone.

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Oh definitely! My husband and I laugh all the time, and occasionally that’s the only thing that pulls us out of an argument.

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I’ve been married, divorced and in a few longterm relationships and each time I felt humor was incredibly important. With my last partner then I credit our humor as one of the components that kept us together when all else was failing.

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Every relationship is different. If it is necessary to one or both of the people in the marriage, then it is necessary but I would never make a blanket statement about it.

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“Couples that laugh together…....stay together”?.

Not when they’re laughing at each others old wrinkled peni and sagging boobi.

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Particularly in the bedroom, well she laughs when I undress…....ahh, just a second. That’s not quite right. “Oh honey”..........

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No. I believe that even mute people can have a happy fulfilling marriage. LOL

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I don’t think it’s an absolute necessity, no – even if it is a big part of my marriage.

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I suppose that there are some people who don’t relate to that statement. I haven’t met any.

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Laughter is an absolute necessity every day, alone or not.

Yes Yes Yes. Have fun and laugh. It’s good for any relationship, including husband/wife.

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