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Is pie nice?

Asked by Melonking (1221points) April 3rd, 2008

I have never had a pie is it nice?

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whose pie?

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mmm.. boysenberry pie is my favorite. or cherry.

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You have seriously never had pie? Are you for real?

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I like pie.

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As a mom who makes lots of them….pies are great! Whether they are sweet fruit pies, “quiche pies”, pizza pies, crawfish pies…..all of them are great! Do yourself a favor and try one as soon as you read this! Store bought pies are good, but home made ones are the best!

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if you want to see come crazily creative pies, watch the movie Waitress

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@Melonking:Have you had a pasty? Same thing – top and bottom crust (flour, fat, salt, water, rolled flat w. a pin) and filled with either savory or sweet. Minced meat, diced sauted onions, mashed potatoes or perhaps sliced apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, butter.

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I love pie! It is nice.

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I prefer boysenberry more than any ordinary jam. I’m a citizen for boysenberry jam fan.
Thanks, S&G.

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pie is very nice, Ive never thought it was mean, and…. Chocolate cream pie and I are friends.


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dear lord go buy some pie! Its splendid! Haha

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You have never had pie!!! OMG you have missed out on life!!! Go out right now and get some pie!!!

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three words. strawberry rhubarb pie.

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@ bulb – nice. system of a down!

don’t forget 80’s cheese pie

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My rap name is P-Nice!

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One of my favorite topics is
Proto Indo-European languages.

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I hate

P eople
I nsulting
E verything!

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OMG, did you really just do that???


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Yes. Pie, as is its intention, is nice. Unless someone made it for the purpose of not being enjoyable. Screw them, then.

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No, it’s not. 3.14159… is not nice. It’s just too damn long!

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