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How do you hang a wreath on a glass panel front door?

Asked by Aster (18313points) November 7th, 2010

The front door is weird. It has a lot of beveled glass panels. How do you hang a wreath? I hate to have nothing at all on there in December.

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I have a plastic thing that hangs from over the top of the door, most discount stores have them in their Christmas decoration sections.

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You might be able to put felt on the back of the wreath if you are worried about it scratching the glass. I use over the door hooks like @JilltheTooth mentioned.

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They sell little suction cups with hooks on them just for this. the suction cups come in different sizes

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I’d use a hook attached to an adhesive. the adhesive can be cleaned off with a solvent after the season.

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I just saw this new type of hanger which has an L-shaped bracket that hangs at the top and slightly over the back side of the door and then it has monofiliment (clear fishing wire) that hangs down on the front side, so you mostly notice the wreath and not the hanger. It is called Clever Hanger and you can see how it works here If you don’t want to purchase one, you could probably rig up something similar with hardware from your garage. This is a good “honeydo ” project. :

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A friend turned me on to the Scotch brand Command Hooks and I have had a wreath on my front door through 4 seasons without issue. I have it right on the glass of my front door. Size is commensurate with weight of wreath. Link

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You could use a good sized chunk of double-sided velcro. That works in many applications and is really easy.

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Purchase a wreath hanger. It’s a piece of metal that goes over the top of the door and hangs down to where you can attach the wreath.

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There are those sticky hangers you can get from walgreens or home depot, they peel off too so no damage done:)

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THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH !!!! I had a wreath hanger that goes over a door but it would really show up. It was wide, metal and black?? lol

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Duct tape.
Dare to be different! ;)

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I just remembered another way to hang your wreath, based on an ornament I saw. You could hot glue a good magnet to the back of the wreath, then on the inside of the window, you can put another magnet (to stick through the glass to the first one). I saw this technique with a pretty heavy (1 or 2 lbs. ) bird ornament. It was a life sized robin or blue bird and it was cut down the middle (so there was the head and body, and the tail section) and each piece had a magnet in it. When you attached the pieces, one to the outside and one to the inside of your window, it looked like the bird was flying through the glass. This technique would probably work for your wreath as long as you got good strong magnets, which you can get at the crafts store.

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I hang mine with fishing line secured from a thumbtack in stuck in the top of the door.

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Good idea, Cruiser! All good ideas!! I wonder if the thumbtack would pop off when u close the door? I have the long ones; not the flat ones.

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@Aster Get the flat brass ones, they have the flattest lowest profile and slide in under the weather stripping no problem. A tiny flat head nail works too.

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