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If someone sent you a dirty pm how would you react?

Asked by Frenchfry (7564points) November 7th, 2010

Just wondering.

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I have always said that I am not interested…
then give them my mother-in-law’s number. XD

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Call them a saucy mare & spit right in their eye XD I’m forever cleaning this bloody screen!

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Show my husband, then have a good laugh when he sends them a pm reading “Not cool”.

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I would just type really? The point of that was?

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Just curious. Are we speaking about Fluther? Did you receive one? Details! ;)

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I can be a bitch, pretty fast, if it is out of the blue or sleazy enough.
As far as fluther goes, there has only ever been one person that I felt was out of line, and manipulative about it, and I put an end to that as soon as I saw what was going on.
Even if I were single. You can’t just approach a person like that because you’re behind a screen. You wouldn’t walk up to someone in public and wave your dick at them (I hope), don’t try to do it here, either.

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I would do the typical “After school specail” date rape scene. I would climb in the shower fully clothed, turn the water on scalding hot, curl into the fetal position sitting up while hugging my knees and crying, rock back and forth and tell myself over and over that I am not a dirty boy!

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It’s happened, there is one resident peeping Tom, well…he desires verbal peeping, I just delete him when he shows up, like today. lol

Some months ago I made it very clear I was not into being the ‘object’ of online voyeurism.

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I would probably just laugh. There was one circumstance where a user created an account using my handle, which made me blush and become a little embarrassed because it was “DREAMINGOFDRASTICDREAMER”. I wasn’t offended, but because I didn’t know (still don’t) who created it or what their overall intentions were, I asked that it be deleted.

No one has ever gotten over-the-top with me on here, only mildly flirtatious, which is fine with me. If it creeped me out, I’d simply ask them to stop. If they continued, I’d take it to a mod. But so far, I haven’t had to deal with anything like that.

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It depends on who sent it. I’d probably be surprised, in either case. There are some jellies that, if they sent me a dirty PM – I ain’ gonna lie – it’d make my day. Others, dependent on a bunch of factors such as PM content and if/how well I know the person, I would find creepy and gross.

P.S. If you guys are getting unwanted dirty PMs, especially if the person continues to do it, please let the mods know. We don’t like creepers any more than you do and it’s not cool to sexually harass people.

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If someone did that to me on Fluther, I’d respond with a “Not appreciated; please don’t send me messages like that again.’ If they responded with a, “Geez, chilll” I’l let it go. We all have different styles. If the response was of a similar nature, I’d flag it for the moderators’ reading pleasure.

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I might be amused or uncomfortable, just depends. I’m no longer single so I don’t engage in titillating banter as I once did.

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I’d probably like it and ask for more. As long as it was well written. :)

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Reply back saying “I think you sent this to the wrong person”. :-D

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I’d send one right back to them.LOL

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I’d just use some Wisk on it and clean it up. :-)

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If I knew the person was picking I’d be ok. If it was something really vulgar, I’d let them know it wasn’t appreciated.

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I was thinkin about sendin bratlady a mild vulgar E-mail.LOL

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