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Is it possible to manifest your thoughts or feelings?

Asked by KeithWilson (833points) November 7th, 2010

Can thoughts and feelings be manifested in reality? If so, to what extent can this happen?

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Of course. In art, poems, novels, movies, pictures, words in general, body language, etc.

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Can the power of thought influence things in the world? Yes, it can in healing.

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Words and music and art can convey the most profound feelings and thoughts. Sometimes our emotions get locked up inside us and fail to find expression.

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“Thoughts are things” ;)

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By asking this question, you just manifested your thoughts into reality.

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@perspicacious Into reality. Can thoughts and feelings be manifested into reality. And to what extent is this possible?

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The computer you used to type this question started out as a thought in someone’s mind. Manufacturing that computer is manifesting that thought into reality.

The building that you are in currently, the chair you sit upon, the desk you clutter… they all began as the thought in someone’s mind. We can confirm this because we have access to the original plans, the designs, the code. Nothing is made without a plan. All plans have planners.

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Feelings are not the same thing as thoughts. Feelings are proto-thoughts. Feelings help us along in the process of birthing thoughts.

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Not to get too heavy, but your thoughts and feelings are already componants of reality, no matter how you act out.

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I think life is us trying to do that? (Especially the arts.)
But I think part of it is that we can’t ever quite get there. We’re always trying, always reaching for total communication and expression, total understanding, and we do a really good job at it, but I think part of us will always be left in our minds.

Think of books: we get to see the words given to us, and then we create mental pictures of what we think is described… we’re never going to know exactly what the author imagined, and we know that. But it’s still beautiful and communicative, so thought provoking, and the best we can do with words.
Or dancers on a stage: you get to see the movement, the emotion. And while here the feelings and images are what we see, this time the story’s more obscure. It’s still so provocative, and still the best we can do with movement.

…the same goes for every other form of communication, I think. And I could talk about them all but that would be very time consuming and would get very dull very fast. Basically, all have limits to go along with the strengths. All give slightly different ways to try to manifest what goes on in our minds, but none does so completely.

I’m not saying we can’t communicate effectively. Obviously we can, or we wouldn’t be having this discussion. I just think that, in our own minds, there are infinite layers of intricacy, and we can’t possibly hope to communicate all of that to everyone else. (I don’t think we’re even aware of all our layers.) And every complete thought and feeling is hopelessly complex. So we give everyone general ideas, some details where appropriate or we’re able to, and then they fill in everything else with their own subtle layers to create the whole story, even though it’s now slightly altered to live inside their own mind.

Just think of any dreams you’ve had recently… they’re purely you mind at work while you sleep. Can you ever fully explain to someone what happened? You can describe what things looked like, give them a basic story line if there is one, but it’s never the same.

We can always connect to each other, give each other bits and parts of ourselves, a few layers unwound from the rest. But never everything. We can’t manifest everything into reality: we can’t pop our heads off and give them to each other and say: “look at me now! see? see now?” But maybe it’s better that way. I don’t understand all of me, so I don’t want all of everyone else I know, to have to try to understand as well. What is shared with me is enough. Often more than enough, even though I want it all.

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Are we talking about moving things around or building things just through the power of our minds? ‘Cause I don’t think that kind of manifestation is very likely.

If we’re talking about coming up with an idea and turning it into reality, then I think it is possible to do that. It doesn’t always happen right away and it may not always happen, but it can happen. I’ve experienced things where I wanted something and it seemed like it didn’t happen at all. Yet years later, I’d find myself doing something or being somewhere, and suddenly it would dawn on me that I was where I had wanted to be all those years ago.

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I believe you can manifest almost anything. In my opinion it is about intent, goal setting and focuse attention. Because action follows throught patterns if you set a goal and then stay focused on it by putting together a plan to achieve that and then staying focused on meeting each piece of the elements that will get you closer to the goal…then you are manifesting. I have been writing down intent in a kind of prayer form for years. I put this in an amuletta that I wear and within a year I manifest most of what is on that small piece of paper. And while this is all reality for me know that you can’t manifest the directions of other people unless their goals and visions coincide with yours.

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The closest I can think of is through various forms of art such as writing, music, drawing, whatever. Granted, this should by no means be taken as a 100% accurate barometric indicator to perceive emotions, since someone experiencing the art of another may often perceive something entirely different than what was intended by the artist.

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Yes. I just punched Al Sharpton and made him cry.

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