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The hypocrisy aside, do you intend to eat more cheese?

Asked by josie (30931points) November 7th, 2010

This blog discusses how the USDA is trying to get Americans to eat more cheese.
It is a pretty sneaky way to get lots more milk fat calories into the American diet.
As if that is needed.
But it appears that the USDA would like us to think that it is our duty to prop up the dairy farmers.
Even if more Americans become increasingly fat in the process.
I only drink skim milk and I rarely eat cheese. Way too much fat and salt.
But gosh, I hate to be unpatriotic.
I think I will try to do my civic duty in other ways.
BTW, what happened to the first lady’s campaign to shrink America’s collective booty?
Anyway, do you intend to pack a little more junk in your trunk in order to do your duty and prop up the dairy farmers?

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I do my share. I love cheese. Also, for the nutrition. cheese is hard to beat. It is also so very tasty.

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I don’t drink soda, nor do I eat chips or tons of candy, but cheese, cheese is the bees knees.

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I love cheese, too, but I’m not always helping the American cause because I eat a lot of cheese from other countries. You could say that I’m doing my best to improve foreign relations.

Cheese may be fatty, but it is one of the greatest pleasures in life. I don’t know about hypocrisy, though. That doesn’t seem relevant to the issue.

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Hypocrisy-Eat more dairy fat please. By the way, too many of you are obese.

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Pocketbook allowing, I’d love to eat more cheese! Cheese is a major crave food for me and it’s got everything for my limited intake- protein, fat, salt, texture and deliciousness.

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Lactose intolerant here. Obviously, no.

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No,and you can’t make me! :)

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I will continue to eat the same amount of cheese my nutritionist says I can eat.

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Well, since I need to gain weight anway, sure! This is one duty I’m sure I can handle. Cheeeeese :)

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More camembert :)

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I did my civic duty on Nov 2nd and dairy farmer can take their hormone and vaccine laden milk cheese and shove it down their own throats.

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I’m not a big cheese eater to begin with so no.

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Cheese is the greatest food on earth…I will definitely be eating more but not because the government said so.

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