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Where can I find a reasonably priced very large hard case?

Asked by grumpyfish (6630points) November 7th, 2010

I’m looking about for a large hard case for an RC helicopter—the helicopter is heavily modified to take a camera, so a normal RC helicopter case isn’t going to fit.

The overall dimensions of the heli are 24” long, 24” tall, and 12” wide. I’ve been searching around my usual places for hard cases, but I’m not finding anything this big (most stuff is topping out at carry-on luggage size of 22“x14“x9”).

Any idea where I can find a hard-sized case that’s roughly 28“x28“x14”? My plan B is to build it myself, but would rather just find something online if I can.

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Check out your local thrift & second hand stores. You might get lucky!

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Contact a coffin maker/manufacturer. Ask for an infant size.

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Try RC Universe. You might find a travel case built just for that.

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Ooh. That is hard. Any chance you can remove the propellers? If so, I’m seeing some nice solutions at the container store.

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Maybe some military surplus stores would have some kind of box that will work.

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try a high end camera supply store. They have lots of hard cases. or a good music supply store, that sells cases for bands.

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Music supply places also sell similar hard cases for moving monitors and speakers. Could you clarify what you consider to be reasonably priced and how much packing foam you might also be wanting?

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Thanks for the suggestions folks!

- 24×24x12 is the size with the blades off. It’s a very large thing.
– “Reasonably priced” I left open, but I think I can build what I want for $35, so $50 would be the goal.
– Something like this Vanguard case is what I’m thinking of: The ATA (Anvil-style) or fully molded ones tend to be a LOT heavier

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