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What is exclusively yours?

Asked by AmWiser (14932points) November 7th, 2010

In your household do you or family members have his/her own (exclusively)? Like Archie Bunker has his chair, and no one can sit in it but him. (At least when he’s home).

It doesn’t have to be a chair, it could be like a piece of furniture or a spot on a couch or even a side of the bed?

For me it’s at Mom’s house, everyone has their own coffee mug or cup and saucer. Also Mom has her chair at the table that is her’s only.

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Everything in my room. When my roomie moved in, I took my PC in there, too. This is my sanctuary, and I will fight as a pregnant wolverine against those who would seek to violate it.

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I can’t think of anything I own that I wouldn’t let someone else use. Though, I do have a bunch of stuff that my wife would never want to use. I don’t think that counts. I really have very little sentimentality when it comes to things.

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My computer is mine. I’ll let others use it, if need be, but with two other fully-functional machines in the house, it’s rare.
My room is a study in unintentional environmental modification, the ultimate effect of which is to keep people out. In short, I’m messy.

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I’m the only person who wears my underpants.. as far as I know…

I’d say my books. But that’s cause nobody wants to read them.

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Though I share my room with my younger brother, we have things divided down the center of the room with the telly and bookshelf as scrimmage markers. He does not touch anything on my side of the room except a lamp and I stay away from his side (partly because there’s no floor space to step on due to all the junk on the floor.)

Notebooks of any kind are 100% off-limits. I will rip them from someone’s hands. Both my brother and I have long since grown tired of reminding our mother of this.

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My Denver Broncos coffee mug. I went to give my husband (Packers fan) a cup of coffee this morning. I handed him the Broncos mug. He looked at me and said “wth?!”.

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My computer, and mostly my recliner. Nobody uses them while I’m around.

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@Nullo I know what you mean, I’m very territorial about my computer too.
@jonsblond My coffee mug at home is a big clear ‘Kahlua’ mug. And at Mom’s it’s a ‘Irish Creme’ mug.

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I have my own computer and laptop, but I would share them with my husband or my son if they needed to use them. My husband also has his own computer and laptop and would share them if needed. I do have my own blanket that no one else touches as of right now, but I would share it if someone else wanted it.

Other than that, my clothing and toothbrush are really the only things that no one else would use.

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My whole house.

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My life,which out with I have nothing else.

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My computer. And my cereal.

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Exclusively Yours was the name of a porn shop across the street from my house when I was in high school. I used to dumpster dive for porn there. This was before I (and 90% of the population) had the Internet.

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3 things no one gets to mess with….my silk boxers, my toothbrush and my mind!

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My bras. They were expensive and fit perfectly. I don’t want anyone mucking them up.

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My rotting soul and yours as well. Mwhahaha!!!

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Lots of things. I wouldn’t share my clothes (they wouldn’t fit anyone else in the household anyway). My glasses. My side of the bed. My laptop. My jar of Marmite.

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