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Do you know of any vampire stories, movies, video games or vampires in other forms of entertainment that aren't popular?

Asked by Berserker (33470points) November 7th, 2010

By not popular, I mean something that isn’t Dracula, Anne Rice, Twilight, Underworld, Castlevania, Kain, St-Germain or any of the other names most people know about. Looking for something obscure and not well known, but still good. Any ideas?

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Near Dark

Best. Vampire. Movie. Ever.

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Dusk to Dawn is my favorite vampire film. (but well known)

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I know the show True Blood is pretty popular, but I don’t know a lot of people who have read the sookie stackhouse novels which the show is based on…. or maybe they do, but it doesn’t seem to be pushed.

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The vampire in Stephen King’s ‘The Night Flier.’ , isn’t quite as hunky as the boys in “Twilight” or “Interview with a Vampire”.

If you jump to about 5:44 in the clip I linked, I think you’ll agree that Night Flier won’t be doing a lot of romantic leads. ;-)

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30 Days of Night was pretty good from what I read (The comic, not the movie). I’ve also heard great things about Let the Right One In, but I haven’t seen it yet.

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Let the Right One In is pretty good.
Let Me In is the American version they just remade. I haven’t seen it, but it seems to have gotten decent ratings and reviews like the first one.

@Joker94 beat me to it. XD

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@Brian1946 Hmm, I’ve read the story it’s based on. I’m up for this movie.

@Vunessuh Let the Right One Is is, indeed, a very extraordinary film. I’ve been avoiding it for ages because I thought it was gonna be something like The Grudge, but I bought a copy for like six bucks, and it’s right up there in my faves. The remake looks like shit though, but I guess I’d better see it before I judge.

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Well one that’s worth a watch if only for retro cheezy creeps is Martin. Just in case my link don’t reach you then here you go.

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Jim Carrey played in a vampire movie once that was before he was popular it was called Once Bitten.

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There’s a pretty recent book called “The Passage” by Justin Cronin that features vampires. They aren’t sparkly vampires. I really liked the book a lot, and it reminded me of Stephen King’s “The Stand.”

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal I loved Once Bitten. Absolutely hilarious.

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@Vunessuh I’s sowwy >.< I’ve never actually seen it, my friend praised it up and down, I just haven’t had the time yet :/

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@Joker94 DO IT! It rules. ^^

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yeah let the right one in, the original, is pretty good, very suspenseful

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I think I’m gonna! I’ll add that to the list of movies I’ll be watching this week!

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@downtide I haven’t gotten a chance to see it yet. I’ve just seen the box for it.

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@Vunessuh @Symbeline I watched Let the Right One In for the first time last week; phenomenal movie. Props to you both for knowing it.

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Nosferatu is a classic and at the top of my list of favorite vampire movies.

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@free_fallin I own both the original Nosferatu and the 1979 colour remake. Both are fantastic, but I have to come clean, I really like the colour version better, it’s so artsy and creepy. :)
Also my original version has Type 0 Negative in the background playing at all times…O_o

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@Symbeline Dude. I LOVE TYPE 0 NEGATIVE. Peter Steele went too soon.

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Yeah, that sucks. Check out all the commemorative and special editions for box sets and stuff that’s prolly gonna come up very soon. :/ Not a bad thing of course, I’m sure they’ll do the same with Dio, if they haven’t already.

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