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Does college GPA matter for employment?

Asked by chelle21689 (6898points) November 7th, 2010

I have maintained a GPA above 3.0 but this quarter I seem to be struggling a bit. I wonder if companies will decide to hire me based on how high my GPA is, is it very important? How often do they ask?

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I’ve never heard of any employer asking about the GPA

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I think it’s rare that they ask, but my GPA is what got me my first nursing job. When I was a LPN, I was planning to work full time and continue going to school full time (to become a RN). The only reason the manager hired me is because I had manage to go to school full time and work full time and maintain a high GPA (3.75). She said that my GPA showed my dedication and that I could handle doing the two things full time.

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GPA only matters if it’s outstanding. If it’s not outstanding, don’t put it on your resume.

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As far as I’ve heard, GPA definitely matters. But it does depend on where you’re hoping to get employed.

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I agree with what @BarnacleBill says. However what is worth doing is worth doing well. You should take pride in the knowledge you gain in your education, and the work ethic you gain from getting the highest grades you can get will serve you well for a lifetime.

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employers won’t, but grad schools will

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My first job after college ask me about it; none of my other jobs cared.

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GPA doesn’t, but if you can (legitimately!) put magna cum laude on your resume, it’ll be worth more.

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I’m putting together my resume this week, and one thing that you’re supposed to include on it (I’m applying for internships, though) is your GPA. It goes in the area under education, and I’ve heard from many different people that it’s important.

I was under the personal opinion that it only mattered if I wanted to go to grad school, so I slacked off last year (my freshman year of university) until my advisor and other people in the School of Business told me that GPA definitely matters for future employers in my track. :) (I’m in Business, Accounting specifically.)

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I’ve heard of companies that won’t even consider you for employment if you aren’t in the top 10% of your class. GPA will also matter if you decide you want to do grad school one day. You can get better scholarships with a higher GPA as well. There are definitely good reasons to keep your GPA up and do the best that you can.

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I had one employer who wanted to see my college transcripts right after I was offered a job along with national certification and licensing information. I suppose that If I didn’t measure up to some standard that I could have been fired on the spot. The funny thing was that my employer didn’t measure up to my standards so I quickly found a better job and resigned.

Keep studying hard and doing your best

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Some employers care and others don’t. I would keep my GPA up just in case.

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My previous company was very technically oriented. It mattered.

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I’ve hired several people and I didn’t ask about GPA. I only checked to see if they had a BA or BS. I was more interested in experience.

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I think it all matters on the type of employment you seek. In my field they do require my GPA but passing the written and sometimes hands-on tests (that employers have given me prior to consideration for employment) seem to be more important than my GPA.

The potential employers I’ve dealt with seemed to be more concerned if I can describe a complicated electrical diagram of a certain piece of industrial equipment or if I can weld two pieces of steel together than my GPA. I guess it depends on what your career is.

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For certain fields, it matters. For some finance, engineering, and programming jobs (and in NYC, almost all teaching jobs as well), employers will ask for proof of your GPA, and it needs to generally be over 3.5.

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