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What is this photo effect called?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) November 7th, 2010

I have a picture here that I’ve seen this effect a couple of times before but I’m not sure if it’s a sort of photography or it’s just edited/effect.

Here’s a picture of what I’m talking about:

If it is or isn’t a type of photography then what is this type of effect called?
And how can I achieve this effect with and without a camera?

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looks like 3D to me, if I had some old school glasses I could confirm it.

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I’m unaware of a type of a photography known for that style.

It isn’t from any sort of film, though. That’s a 100% post editing image.

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Anaglyph. To be used with 3d glasses. Just tested it. Works with red & blue lenses. Here is a walkthrough on creating anaglyphs.

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Definitely done with post-editing. Not too difficult to do with Photoshop, either.

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I viewed the image through standard red-blue 3D analglyph glasses that I always keep handy for such occasions. I did not see any 3-d effect—the hands/knives appear perfectly flat. By contrast I found many red-blue 3d images on the internet, all of which look strikingly 3d with the glasses—so my stereoscopic vision is not in question.

I think the image is simply filtered into a few colors which are offset for effect. Pseudo-3d, perhaps—or just a stylistic feature. Or possibly a printing / rendering error!

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Probably the person did not know how to do three-D and failed to use 2 cameras. Without that you got nothing although you could make some of these flat looking hands-with-knives look closer to you by putting the red and cyan farther apart.

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For this to be 3D the shift between the two colors must be horizontal – unless you expect the viewers to turn their heads. The shift angle in these images area area all different. No meaningful 3D image will be formed.
This is how it should be done. Milk drop

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I have also seen this done as an effect aka not meant to be functionally to be 3D. You can tell because it doesn’t hurt your eyes when you look at it like real 3d images do. I would call it offset, it also uses color channels.

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