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What's your vice, and how much does it cost you each month?

Asked by BarnacleBill (16083points) November 8th, 2010

A friend started budgeting this summer, and when she did a quarterly summary of expenses, was surprised at what she spent on her “vices” – wine, cigarettes, going to the casino – each month. She spends about $400 a month, or the car payment for a really nice car. She also spent about $200 a month on shoes.

What’s your vice, and do you know what it costs to maintain it?

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I spend about $280 on cigarettes, and about $700 on recreational activities such as going out with friends, lunch and beauty stuff. I need to cut back on both.

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Smoking. It costs me about $240 a month. I’m not a huge drinker, but I like to have a few once in a while. I’d say drinking costs me between $20 and $40 a month.

I might have more vices if I had more money, but as a starving student, that’s about all the vices I can (barely) afford!

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Dark chocolate and it is costing me these last 3 pounds I am trying to lose!

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It seems to be the internet and it is costing me my sanity.

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@LOL @janbb. Right there with you! Me – $160 a month on Kahlua, another $80 a month on gelato – so good!

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@noelleptc, clothes for little girls are really hard to resist buying, even if you head to Target. The little shoes are adorable.

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Mountain Dew. Only 50 cents a pop from the snack room, but it adds up!

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Books. They cost me between $50–75 a month as well as several rooms in my house.

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I must be either a saint or a cheapskeate. I can’t think of anything.
I don’t spend on clothes, I don’t drive excessively fancy cars, I don’t do drugs, or drink much – maybe a bottle or two of wine a month? $20.
Does cheese count? $20/month.

Is wasting time on the internet a vice? $43/month

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I like clothes,but I am in control of that ;)

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Books. How much I spend varies each month depending on when the next book in the series I’m reading comes out. Some months I don’t buy any new books, but then other months I can go into the book store and come out after spending a hundred dollars or more. I think the most I’ve spent in one month was close to $300.

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I’m with the books crowd. Although I only spent $.75 this weekend for three of them.

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Oh, I hadn’t even thought of books. I guess I was thinking more of traditional vices.

I am a self-professed bibliophile. I love to read, and I love to own books. Recently I moved to Toronto (where cost of living is relatively high) from a smaller city, and had to figure out how to cram my life into an apartment half the size of the one where I used to live. I had to get rid of a bunch of books and am storing most of the rest in my parents’ basement. I decided that I would only bring with me the ones that I couldn’t bear to leave… and I still have a ton of them with me.

I don’t spend much on them anymore; I used to work at a bookstore and so much of my paycheque went right back into the till, but now that I’m on a reduced budget I tend to go the route of @Adirondackwannabe and buy most of my books used (preferably from the $0.10 table at the school library).

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I refuse to add up the cost of my vices. What for? I’m not going to cut them out until I’m ready. If I find that I have to steal from peter to pay paul, then I might consider figuring out where do all my funds go.

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@Adirondackwannabe Cool. Is there a good used bookstore near you? I have been known to go on driving pilgrimages to find new stores. :-)

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@Dr_Dredd Would you believe this one was a christmas tree farm?

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Comic Books

About $30 to $40 a month.

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Fluther sucks away hours of my time

Books 30–100$ a month, depending on if the used bookstore has what I want

Movies/select TV shows I torrent pretty much everything

Cheesecake 10–50$ every 3 months, maybe, and it depends on if I bake my own or purchase from a restaurant

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$200 a month on shoes?!

She should get a better car.

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@Adirondackwannabe Um… wow! For a bibliophile, that’s a merry Christmas, indeed.

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My one true weakness is candy corn. Thankfully it’s a seasonal thing, but two weekends ago I dropped $60 on discount candy at Rite Aid. It’s quite vexing.

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Coffee. Lots.

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Internet. Day and night. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

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Computer gaming. It has, apparently, cost me $44/mo since February. and I went a bit overboard this past month. Caught up in a craze, I was!

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I enjoy snorting coke off the backs of naked teenage prostitutes—fortunately I’m heavily into welfare fraud so my wife and kids still manage to get by.

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Sprite Zero and Cold Rock Ice Cream (vanilla with Maltesers as an add in). In Australia a can of SZ, from a gas station or convenience store, costs about $2.50 per can. I envy @erichw1504 at .50 a can. Sometimes if there is a really good sale at the grocery store I might be able to buy at close to that price but not very often! And the ice cream with the add in is over $6.00 for a regular size cup. Thank goodness I don’t smoke and drink, I would have to get a second mortgage on the house!

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I read every one of these answers and have come to the conclusion that I have no vices. I wonder if this means I’m virtuous. LOL

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Approx. $40.00 a month.

An ex of mine had vices that actually led to our breakup:
Booze- $100. mo.
Weed- $800. mo.
Cigarettes- $125. mo.
Gambling- $3000. mo.

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Books are easy to spend money on. I’ve begun “thinning the herd” by dropping books I won’t read again into the library bookdrop at night. Some end up on the shelves, others go to the library fundraising book sale.

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around 800 a month on drinking and smoking, thats pretty crazy when you add it up i guess

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A Starbucks latte and pastry every morning of the work week. It was five bucks a morning. 25 a week. That’s something like 1000 to 1300 a year, depending on whether I buy every day or not. I’m switching to a tea and a bagel, which probably costs me half as much, which means a savings of $500. Maybe. Not enough money to be worth it based on savings, but I think it might be healthier, too.

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Alcoholic drinks cost me about $80 a month and 100’s and 100’s of deadly calories.

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