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Can some medications, taken and used by humans, also be used on dogs?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) November 8th, 2010

When my border collie sometimes has a cut on his paw, we use triple anitibiotic cream on his wounds. This has not hurt him and seems to work okay. Question: Are there other medications, for humans, that also can be safely used for/on dogs?

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Yes, but it is best to check the specific medication with your veterinarian.

There are many human foods and medicines that would be deadly for your dog.

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Anytime you’re thinking of medicating an animal, consult a veterinarian before doing so. That being said, I’m sure there are medications that can be used for animals.

When my cat had an issue with constipation a couple of years ago, the vet recommended that we add Metamucil or another like fiber supplement to some wet cat food and feed it to her twice a day. She’s gotten much better since.

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Do check with your vet as dogs instinctively lick their wounds and will lick whatever you put on their wound which may in turn be harmful to them.

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The dog will likely lick it off.

He’s supposed to though. Dog saliva has antibiotic properties.

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Do not give a dog tylenol or other related drug.

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@Seelix With cats sensitivity to chemicals, it is even more important to check with a vet before giving them anything.

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@marinelife – Oh yes, I agree; I just meant to give a personal example of “human” medication used for animals. Of course I wouldn’t have thought to do so unless my vet had recommended it.

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I have given old, arthritic dogs children’s aspirin or ibuprofen, as recommend by the vet, in much reduced doses, based on body weight and the severity of the pain.

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When my dogs caught kennel cough I gave them children’s Benylin which my vet suggested. It was cheaper than meds from the vet and worked a treat (plus they loved the taste!)

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My vet said no advil for dogs too.

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Thanks for the answers. some advice i will use, other advice i will ask my vet.

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Wouldn’t it be great if someone could compile a list of human medications, that a vet has already agreed, that are safe for dogs?

This could save us a lot of money/

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I’d really be wary of doing any such thing, though.

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My vet said benadryl was OK for my dog for allergies. Just have to get the dose right. I have used neosporin externally on him too.

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Both liquid Kaopectate and Bismuth Subsalicylate Chewable Tablets (generic or Peptobismol) were recommended by my vet when my dogs suffered from chronic bouts of diarrhea. Both have worked well, although I usually prefer to use the tablets because of how easy they are to administer.

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I give my dog Children’s Benadryl when he is itchy.

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@ChazMaz My vet recommended children’s benadryl when I took my dog (then an 11 week old puppy) on her first plane trip. She was only about 3 lbs at the time, so he wanted me to cut the tablet in quarters! I ended up not using it, because she did surprisingly well on her own. (Better than some kids on the plane, that’s for sure.)

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Well I usually google first. But I know from experience that aspirin, pepto bismal, metamuscil benedryl and a few others are safe.

@JilltheTooth – it is interesting your vet said ibuprofen is safe, I was of the opinion that it was a no no dogs and can be fatal to cats???

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It was a long time ago, maybe they’ve discovered stuff about it since then. Maybe it was also because the dog was very old and tiny doses wouldn’t significantly damage him in the time he had left.

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