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Do you think Apple's marketing campaign is effective? On the same note, do you think that you are getting a better value with a Mac vs. a Windows Machine?

Asked by jcs007 (1762points) April 3rd, 2008
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The campaign is very effective, however the definition of value for some people is different from others. The one main thing that peeves me is when people go, “Well I can spec out a dell with all the same stuff and better, for $1500 less!” My issue there is that for most of the component that are used, are sub-standard or will not last as long. Where as a stock MacBook Pro will outlast and more or less outperform most any windows PC for many years. Not to mention most of their legacy hardware and software is still running, which for me is one of greatest selling points.

So for a simple answer, the campaign is effective and the value is there. Not to mention the fact that if you have any common computer sense you will never have to service the machine ever.

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I personally find apple’s marketing campaign somewhat annoying, however, given the quality of their products out the box, and the amount to custom options available with both the hardware and software options, and the incredible longevity of Apple products, I think that while for the time being it may be a better value for PC just because of the versatility and legacy Microsoft has. But looking at not only the Mac but also the Linux and other alternative computer OS surges, the value is soon (if not already) going to shift drastically in Apple’s favor.

I have an Apple, after years of growing up with PC all my life. I like apple’s overall stability, and OSX is very powerful in my opinion.

If you want to stay with what you’re familiar with, and/or are more looking for games,, take a PC for the time being. PC is also still most dominant in corporations.

However, apple is making huge strides, and despite their cost, I feel that it’s worth it in many respects. Particularly for graphic design, music, and other AV heavy industries.

Also, look at different Linux distributions as well, and try to make thebest educated decision for you.

If you’re interested in building your own computer, understand, it is illegal (but possible) to install a Mac OS on any non Apple hardware, however it is possible (and somewhat encouraged) for apple users to install other OSes (like Windows, Linux, BSD, etc.) on their computers. Especially with the onset of the Intel Macs and ‘Boot Camp’ utilities.

Hope that answers your question… Long wines, but I spent alot of time thinking about this when I was looking to buy my laptop recently.

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I personally love Apple’s marketing, it’s genious. The combination of the music and the creative aspects in which they display their products (such as the manilla folder being used in the Mac Air commercial) brings a tear to my eye. I often find myself dowloading the music from the commercials.

As for the actual machines, I’d prefer Mac over Windows any day, they’re just flat out better products. They last longer and they’re more secure and stable, and hell they even look cooler. OSX is more user friendly and makes so much more sense. That said, I agree with RAMesesII: Windows are much better for gaming and are more universal in the corporate world. I’ve had a couple times in the past where I’ve come across compatibility issues.

I’d said go ahead and spend the extra dough for a Mac…you won’t be disappointed

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The question is, what is your time worth?

I can’t afford to mess with PC’s and their sh*t software. Nor do my clients care what excuse I would have for not getting the job done effectively and on time.

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Apple marketing is like McDonalds’ marketing. They are not really marketing a product, they are marketing an experience. That is why the guy who says, “I can build a better machine at” will probably never understand Apple marketing.

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marketing campaign effective? definitely! apple’s market share and stoke value have been climbing steadily. more importantly, over half of iphone users are NOT mac users. that’s marketing right there.

of course, it helps that the products themselves are awesome.

regarding value: yes. i think macs are better value, if you define high value as getting a lot of bang for your buck.

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yes, and yes.

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