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I'm suppost to write a few articles for my school newspaper. Any ideas on some topics?

Asked by 15acrabm (512points) November 8th, 2010

Anything works, as long as it is school appropriate and not gossipy

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Why not talk to students from different groups (and not necessarily your friends) and take a survey?

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Are you in highschool, college..?

It depends on the age group sometimes. My college newspaper has articles on campus events, how students are reacting to local, state, and country-wide news (which could range from pop-culture to political outcomes), movie reviews, entertainment in the local area, sports, etc.

Then we have columnists who pick a theme for their articles. Last year we had a senior who took part in weekly explorations (ie. eating vegan for a whole week) and then writing about her experiment and other ideas about the subject.

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Interview the bus drivers. They are always neglected.

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I think you should defintly right about the gossip thats going on during school. Alot of kids are interested in that , but never get to here it. Its also hard to write.

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How about campus and online bullying? Ask the students what think about it and then talk to the administrators and ask them what they actually do about it and what they are legally required to do about it.

How about the epidemic of obesity in the U.S. and how it relates to poor diet, computer (and other electronics) use and lack of mandatory physical education classes.

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Take a survey of a cross-section of students and teachers. Ask if spelling is suppost to be important. Write an article based on your survey and the comments you receive. Do the students and teachers feel the same about spelling? What does this say about the future of language?

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along with what @Kardamom said, what’s the story in the cafeteria? good? bad ? what do kids want? are there healthy choices?

any impact from the elections on the school or the kids at the school?

what about local entertainment? what kind of music do kids like?

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I like what @zenvelo said about the cafeteria food. Find out where it comes from and what is the nutritional value of the food. Why does the school have this particular food? Is it about the cost only? Is it about the taste? What nutritional guidelines is the school required to follow? What reasons are prohibiting the school from providing more nutritious foods in the cafeteria? Does the school offer any classes or information (that is posted in the cafeteria or elsewhere) that talks about proper nutrition and how bad nutrition can effect your health?

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Suppost? I was on my middle school news paper. What about a sports section for the guys. Like was there a recent game at your school? Write about the win or loss. Also, write about cafeteria food. Ask the cooks about it. Be sure to use descriptive words.

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@ducky_dnl I think “suppost” = supposed.

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Things people need to do in high school to prepare for life after it.

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Talk to your friends, your teachers, the janitor, people who work at the school and parents. Just talk to people and start to get a sense of what is happening in your school community. What is bugging people? What has happened recently? Has someone had a great achievement on the sports field or in the drama class? Has someone won an award? The best way to find articles is to get out there and speak to people in your community though. You want to find something that is happening now or you could report on something that has happened and give an update on the outcome. So, if the school was given some funding for new sports equipment, has it been purchased? What did you get? The key is make it newsworthy and something your school community would be interested in.

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