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Can you tell me what's this?

Asked by Christian95 (3258points) November 8th, 2010

I ran into this picture.
and I can’t find what’s this.
So can you tell me?

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This is a pair of antique scissors used to snip the top off a soft-boiled egg, which sits in its little egg cup.

Then you eat the egg with your little spoon.

I have two china egg cups left over from my childhood. Goes well with toast soldiers.

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Eggs-zactly what @gailcalled said.

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And here I thought it was for cutting the end off cigars. It makes sense, what with the chicken-motif and all!

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Thank you for the answer about the eggs! I too thought it might be for cigars like this

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Blade on cigar cutter is really sharp, like a guillotine. Beware of snipped finger tips.

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Actually, when I first saw the picture, I thought it might be a kitchen tool used to cut slices of pepperoni or sausage (although I couldn’t figure out how the chicken played into it) ha ha.

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This is amazing.

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My mom has those, we used to use them when we were little to eat our “oodle” eggs.

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The website hosting the picture promises a free car to whoever gets this right.

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So when do I expect delivery?

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Here’s my antique egg cup, now sitting in my kitchen cupboard.

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I don’t like the look of it…

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^^ Are you impugning the egg cup?

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It looks like something you could use to cut the balls off a cow.

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@hnhall32: If you want to make a silly joke, do keep in mind that cows have udders and not balls.

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@gailcalled. Sorry it’s not a joke. I have cows technically 2 heifers, one bull, and one steer. It’s just what came to mind when I saw the rooster. I saw that it looked like scissors and it had the hole with the cutter. We have hens n roosters as well. It’s where my mind went when I saw the photo. Sorry didn’t mean to offend.

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No offense taken. These scissors are very small in reality.

Do you call a bull a cow?

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Well there’s so many cattle out here where I live that we just call them “cows” in general. A “cow” I learned at an auction is a female cow that’s had a baby. They are called heifers if they haven’t had a calf, and a bull still can fertilize a heifer or cow. A steer has had its testicles removed.

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@hnhall32: Although I live in dairy cow country, I never knew all the correct nomenclature; thank you for the lesson in animal husbandry.(I love that expression and rarely have a chance to use it..)

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Yay! Youre welcome! I’m glad that my knowledge has enlightened you. :)

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