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How do you fix a computer screen if nothing shows up ?

Asked by Scarlett (915points) November 8th, 2010

I have a lap top computer that works, except for one thing – The screen does not show anything !

It turns on fine, but the entire screen is white and nothing shows up.

I want to know also how much something like would would cost to fix it ?

It fell on the ground, on it’s flat part, so there is a little small crack in the middle of the screen when you first open it up.

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With most laptops you can connect an external monitor via a cable, or you can hook up to an overhead projector.

But to use this thing as a laptop again, you’re going to need the screen replaced, I’m sure.

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That happened to my laptop a few years ago, except it was all black instead of all white. I was told that it would cost enough to fix the screen that I should just get a new laptop.

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In the meantime it might connect to your TV??

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All white is bad. That means that none of the pixels are working, so it’s letting the backlight show without the normal gating of red, green, and blue which normally allow it to make images.

Basically, your options are to either replace the screen or keep it hooked to an external monitor. There is no fixing it; the screen is made of glass with millions of transistors and a lot of microcircuitry (think “spiderweb”) that is easily ripped to shreds when the glass it is attached to breaks or cracks.

Rep[lacement costs vary considerably depending on make and model. We need more info.

Of course, I am concerned that you may have done other damage. Hard drives can be fragile sometimes, as can motherboards. cables can get shaken loose, socketed components ripped out of their sockets, etcetera. There is a fair chance that you could hook it up to an external display only to get a message like “No system disk found” or some other such error.

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