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Loud barking is damaging my ears I think. What are my options?

Asked by Aster (19546points) November 8th, 2010

My office is on the front of the house. When couples are taking a walk the dogs often bark very loudly when they spy them out the windows. It doesn’t hurt my ears but the normal ringing becomes much more intense instantly and remains that way. Would you 1) close the blinds most of the way, thus blocking the view; 2) not allow them in the office; 3) wear earphones all the time. Or none of the above?

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I would either not let them in the office, unless that would cause constant whining and door scratching by the dogs, which might be even worse, even more annoying, than the barking, or get some of those little disposable foam earplugs at the drug or hardware store. They’re comfortable and might give your ears enough protection. Or get a pair of those industrial strength headphone type hearing protectors that the guys who operate loud machinery or guide airplanes to the terminals use. With those on you won’t hear a thing.

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That is a good idea! Headphones!

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I have a pair of ear protection headphones that aren’t as good as the ones the airline guys use, but they work pretty well. I wear them on the rare occasions that I use the wood chipper. That thing is effing loud!

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4) Obedience school.

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Noise canceling headphones and dog training.
Your hearing is important and they should learn.

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I would part close the blinds then they can be with you while you work.
If your dogs are similar to mine then they love company :)

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@partyparty Yes, they love being with people, that’s for sure. So I ordered a pair of headphones and opened the blinds just a little bit. After I get the headphones I’ll decide if I can keep the blinds open all the way. The people walking react to the loud barking like they think I have German Shepherds.
The ear ringing is now pre-bark status: not bad. Thanks to Jellies!!!—and B12, and Ginkgo.

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