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Anyone have access to a Soy Toy manual?

Asked by llewis (1457points) November 9th, 2010

I have a Soy Toy machine – liked it a lot, but I’m not doing a lot of soymilk lately (got lazy). My daughter wants it, but I can’t find the manual. Found a link online that has one to download for $8.95, but would like to see if I can find one for free first. The company is apparently kaput – can only find vague references and a phone number that doesn’t get answered (Euro East Investors? doesn’t sound like a soy milk company). Can anyone help?

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I was able to find this site where you can download the Soy Toy manual.. I generally have pretty good luck finding manuals online for free but they want $8.95 for it. I couldn’t find it anywhere else. Does that help at all?

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Thank you – yes, I found it too. I’m thinking the manual isn’t out there for free anywhere. We did find instructions for making basic soy milk (somewhere – I hope my daughter kept the link!), and maybe I’ll turn up the manual. I usually keep these things – have half a file cabinet drawer full of manuals! Kind of expected it to be inside the machine but no luck.

Thank you for looking! :)

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Oh well. I’m never sure whether people have done their googling before they ask a question so I look anyway. And I usually have such good luck. My best one was when I bought an electric ice cream maker from the Goodwill. It had never been used, as far as I could tell, but judging from the technology, it must have been about ten years old; sitting in someone’s attic I suppose, but the manual was missing. But I looked online for the manual, not really expecting to find it, given how old it was… but I did find it. I was both very pleased and kind of amazed. And I just found the manual for my wet dry shop vac online a few days ago. I know the original is around here somewhere, I just have no clue where that somewhere might be. And if you’re anything like me, at least a third of that stuff that’s in your cabinet of manuals is for things you don’t even have anymore. :-) I do hope you find a manual, wherever that might end up being.

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@lillycoyote said: And if you’re anything like me, at least a third of that stuff that’s in your cabinet of manuals is for things you don’t even have anymore. :-)

At LEAST a third! <grin> I’ve had pretty good luck finding manuals online, too. And it never hurts to have multiple people googling. I don’t know if our searches get stored and built upon, or if we use slightly different search terms, or what, but I’ve noticed I sometimes get different results than others. So thanks!

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