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How do I sync an iPod Nano with a new computer (old computer is dead, dead, dead)

Asked by tranquilsea (17655points) November 9th, 2010

My youngest son has a iPod Nano and it is synced with our old computer that died. We are going to need to use his iPod as a disk and I have enabled disk use.

There use to be an option on older iPods where you could transfer all the songs off of your iPod onto a new computer. I can’t seem to figure out how to do this with the new iTunes software that is so intent of stopping illegal transfers.

I’ve tried to find the answers on the Apple website and I’ve googled like crazy…to no avail.

Edit: we have all the songs backed up on a hard drive but iTunes wants to delete all his songs from his iPod to sync it to the new computer. Do I need to let it delete them and have him build his library again?

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The times that I’ve done this, that’s what had to happen. It’s a hassle, but if you enabled the disk space and have transferred the library to another hard drive, and you’ve checked to see that the libraries match, there’s no harm in wiping the ipod and resyncing it to the new library. It just takes a gull darn long time. ;-)

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There are programs to transfer the songs from the iPod to the computer, but that’d be pointless if you already have the filed backed up.

Let iTunes wipe the iPod, add the backed up songs to your library and sync.

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I’m with @bob_ (eating his sandwich): If you already have the songs backed up then it’s going to be simpler to rebuild the new library from that.

But if you really need the answer to your question: CopyTrans is a free download and has a “clone” feature that does exactly what you want.

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It drives me crazy that I have been able to do exactly this with 2 other iPods with the iTunes software.

Thanks for the info on CopyTrans @CyanoticWasp

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@bob_ what are these tansfer programs called? Thanks.

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@Fatfacefun Well, one of them is CopyTrans, as @CyanoticWasp mentioned.

Here are other options.

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