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I'm searching for classes in my city about being a good housewife [cleaning], flower arrangement, ceramics, and scrapbooking. Help me find resources?

Asked by squirbel (4174points) November 9th, 2010

I need help for ways to search for what I’m looking for. I’ve always been a homebody [proud of it too] but I’m looking to grow outwards, more.

Where do I look? What do I search for on google? I’m not just looking for clubs – that’s easy enough to find – I’m looking for courses or classes…you know?

I currently live in Huntsville, Alabama [cos my hubby is stationed here >.<]. Not from here!

- scrapbooking
– housecleaning
– flower arrangement
– ceramics
– sewing

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Try the adult ed division of your local community college, an arts center or a community center. They often will have classes like this.

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You shouldn’t have any trouble finding classes in your area. I’ve been taking a “virtual tour” of Hunstville for the last twenty minutes or so and it looks like a pretty hoppin” place, population around 400,000. I guess I didn’t realize it was that big.

What I found is that:

The Huntsville Museum of Art has classes. They have a ceramics class going on now but it started in September. Maybe check again before their spring classes start, or they might even have a winter session.

Also the Huntsville Art League has classes too. Their fall session has already started but they didn’t have anything you wanted anyway. Too bad you’re not interested in blacksmithing because I think that one would be hard to find most places. :-)

But classes offered at art museums and art leagues vary from session to session, year to year so you might want to keep checking back to see what kind of things they offer.

This scrap booking supplies store appears to hold classes and you also might want to check with some of the local Michael’s stores. They usually have classes or at least workshops.

This store, S&R Sewing appears to hold classes. You might also want to check with the other sewing and fabric stores in the area and see what they might offer. There seem to be quite a few of them; a lot more than there are in my area. I’m kind of jealous.

I didn’t have much luck with flower arranging but that’s the kind of thing I see offered at the places like art museums through continuing education programs. You might also want to call some of the local florists and see if they know of anything. They might even offer classes, I don’t know.

And if you ever find out where or through what kind of organization person might take house cleaning classes let me know. I could use it. Though, I think my issues are more about not wanting to do the housecleaning rather than not knowing how. I don’t they have classes to teach you to like housework. ”-)

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I was just looking up Michael’s Crafts store and there is one in Huntsville. They usually have lots of different kinds of crafts classes (usually free) including ceramics, flower arranging, Xmas decorations (like wreath making) and cake decorating. See this link to see where Michael’s is located and scroll down near the bottom to see their link to the classes.

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Wow! Thank you guys! In hindsight, those should have been obvious places to search, but it wasn’t obvious to me, so…

Thanks again :) I’ll be starting with the sewing classes at S&R. :D

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