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What clothes should I pack for my trip to San Jose?

Asked by mistic84 (254points) November 9th, 2010

I’m going to San Jose next week and I don’t really trust weather reports that far in advance. Should I pack sweaters and bring an jacket?

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Man or woman asking?

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Woman. Thanks!

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I think it depends on where you’re coming from. My mother lives in San Jose and she says its been rather chilly and sometimes rainy. If you’re coming from a warmer place, your body won’t entirely be use to the weather so be sure you pack some warm clothes just in case. I live in Los Angeles and since my body has adjusted to that weather, I definitely feel the difference when I visit San Jose. It’s usually a little colder and windier.
Have fun. =)

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Do you know the way?

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@janbb totally beat me to it. I both hate and love you for that, @janbb – I was actually typing it until I glanced at your answer.

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@iamthemob It was irresistible.

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put a flower in your hair? Oh wait, wrong part of the Bay Area.

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