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How do you personally go about finding bargains from the comfort of your own home?

Asked by Mat74UK (4649points) November 9th, 2010

How do you find a real good deal?

I don’t just mean internet shopping, I mean comparing prices, finding high street deals etc etc…

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Check a few sources before committing.

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Open an Ebay account and go shopping online.

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Google Shopping, Amazon. Depends on what I’m buying, really. I’ll check the prices of books between Amazon and if I’m shopping used (new, but have been on a bookstore’s shelf…) or between Amazon and Barnes & Noble for new (because I have a B&N membership).

Deals aren’t really the same on the internet. You can sign up to get emails from a certain store when they have a sale. Mostly, though, you just find the store that is routinely the cheapest for that product and go there whenever you feel like it.

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There is a site that provides all the sale inserts from the local newspaper, or you can get them by going to each store site. For large purchases such a new computer, check the Black Friday page.

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I’m a lover of antique and have found so many times that pieces I really enjoy to have and also enjoy to hunt for are less expensive than something new. I like yard sales, shopping Craigslist, Ebay and Antique stores/junk stores, consignment and 2nd hand stores.

For new items then I check it out in person then Google the hell out of it to compare prices and delivery fees. Where we live there is a weekly furniture auction which often carries new pieces from a retailer I like. I can cruise the major store inventories for what catches my eye and know from sight how much the range of price is for that item and then bid at auction or look for it in overflow stores.

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I do my research online. I rarely buy anything except food on the street. I hate shopping, so I’m grateful for the internet. It saves me a lot of driving around.

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