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How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

Asked by KTWBE (764points) November 9th, 2010

Are you alone, with s/o, with family? Do you eat turkey or tofurkey? Watch the parade or play football in the leaves? What sort of things do you do to celebrate the fourth Thursday of November?

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Lately, my favorite thing to do is get away for four days to recharge batteries.

Last year, i cooked a Thanksgiving meal the day before and we packed it up and took it with us.

This year, I am thinking seafood dinner out.

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I go about my normal day until dinner. We usually go to my uncles and feast on turkey and pie.

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I eat turkey and dinner with my mom. Like a usual day. The only thing that is different is we buy a big turkey.

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One Turkey on the Weber one in the oven. Cold wheat beers while cooking and a great jam session with the kids and BIL after dinner! Family, good food and fun is what it is all about!

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I’m not a big fan of Thanksgiving. Too much running around to enjoy it. We have to run from house to house, and ultimately end up eating way too much so as not to look rude. The whole thing stinks.

I much prefer to cook at home.

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I stuff my gelatinous self to the point of bursting and then I sleep. lol

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The same boring, tasteless way you do it every year: Eating the same crap.

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By eating as much as possible.

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We don’t really.

If we end up doing something, it will be turkey dinner at a family member’s house (with a good selection of vegetarian food). This year ..we did absolutely nothing but watch a movie lol (Canadian Thanksgiving is in Oct.).

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I did the huge Thanksgiving thing forever, but, now that I am divorced and my daughter is grown we split the holiday every other year between friends and her dads side of the family.

I always make my homemade cranberry/apple relish that everyone loves and jar enough for both T’sGiving, Xmas and gifts for friends.

I love Thanksgiving, next to the 4th of July…another great holiday that doesn’t involve gift giving pressures. lol

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It all depends on where we are at and who we are with.

This year, I’ll watch football and probably eat dinner with some friends.

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This year, much like my birthday, I will be spending Thanksgiving alone. I have a can of turkey Spam that I am hoping to carve into the shape of a turkey (or at least close—I am not an artistic person).

After telling one person of my plan, they felt horrible for me so I got the idea of getting another can of Spam and carving simple people, like paper dolls. A Spamily, if you like.

So, with a turkey Spam, a can of cranberry sauce (I love the parts with the can ridges embedded in it!), Stove Top stuffing, instant mashed potatoes, canned gravy, and a can of green beans I should be able to celebrate this holiday with my Spamily.

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The greatest holiday ever. The night before I begin preparation for the greatest meal on earth. Thanksgiving is a holiday to me, that has no pretenses. Just sit down and eat up, then it’s off to the couch for football. I have cooked thanksgiving forever and I would have it no other way. The best part of thanksgiving is the turkey cranbury stuffing mayo on a roll the next day.

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Wow – so many people don’t like Thanksgiving? It’s my favorite holiday. No gift giving, just good food and company. What can be so bad about that?

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I love it, now. I used to do the whole shebang at someone else’s house every year, all the prep, cooking, clean up, dishes etc. and was critisized for a bunch of stuff. Now I do it in my own home, with the people I choose to have around me. Same prep, same food, more work (more people) and I love it because everyone is delighted.
@mrentropy : Come to my house, I guarantee you’ll have a blast! Bring the whole Spamily!

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Cook a turkey breast and then you can feast with your cat and give your parrots the bones!

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Family dinner and visit. I’m cooking for 8 adults and 2 toddlers this year.

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There are two holiday dinners we could go to ,but I would rather keep it low-key this year.It’s much more enjoyable:)

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@JilltheTooth Thank you :) But, you know, the birds hamper travel.
@Coloma I think the birds would be happy with the turkey, too. I’d just have to be careful on what I do to season it.

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I cook a huge meal and anyone who wants to stop by can. The only thing you need to bring is drinks and an appetite.

i’d rather do dishes than run around all over the place

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We usually watch the parade in the morning and then go to my aunt’s for a very stressful meal. My mom and aunt (dad’s 70 year old sister) just don’t get along very well. My aunt makes a big deal about people taking their shoes off at the door and not getting her white carpet messed up. Once, at Christmas, my mom got fed up with this and told my aunt she was going to bring a big bowl of spaghetti sauce and grind it into her carpet. Needless to say, my parents left promptly (Our older brother who was there also drove us home later).

But this year, it sounds like we’re going to avoid all that and stay home with my brother and SIL and visit. I’m going to hate these weeks in between, though, because of all the cleaning that has to happen. And there will be a lot of cleaning happening.

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Going somewhere nearby where I actually have no idea where it is and then rejecting half of the traditional food served, surrounded by relatives(?) I only see this time of year.

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Chances are my mom will put on “Miracle on 34th Street”. She watches that every Thanksgiving after the parade and the rest of us will be in and out of the family room during that time. :P

We always have a big dinner; it hasn’t always been at my house, but it was last year and it will be again this year. My grandparents and some aunts and uncles and cousins will be there. We had over 20 people last year. It’s always a big day, lots of cooking, lots of activity, lots of people. I really love it.

And yeah, we eat all the traditional food. Turkey, stuffing (wet and dry), cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, various vegetables, King’s Hawaiian sweet rolls, pumpkin pie, apple pie. I love it all. :) Thanksgiving is always a nostalgic thing for me. Despite being in college and not living at home for most of the year anymore, this is one thing that stays the same and we (my immediately family) will definitely all be there.

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celebrate would be a strong word for us. It’s just me and my wife so we don’t decorate or cook a big traditional meal. We will bake a small turkey breast to make samiches for a few days for us and some goodies for the dogs. It’s pretty much a regular day for us and an excuse to cook some turkey, which we hardly do any other time of the year. We will NOT be going into the city that day or the next. We can keep an eye on the cable news to see if anyone is trampled to death at Walmart.

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