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What is the best cheap beer?

Asked by syntak (275points) April 3rd, 2008
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the free kind. im a poor, underage college student. ill take what i can get.

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Pabst Blue Ribbon, absolutely.

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That would most likely depend on where you are at, considering many cheap beers can be regional. PBR and Olympia are great common cheap beers. There’s a great cheap-o from the pacific northwest called schmidt, with seasonal wild game on the can. Personally, I’ve been a fan of colt 45 these days- it seems scary being malt liquor and all but its pretty damn good

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all i can say is don’t mess with 211 steel reserve, no matter how bad it gets

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It’s still miller high life the champage of beers.

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Gotta go with PBR.

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I like how adds for kegerators have popped up on the side

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I know it gets a lot of static for being poseur /hipster but I agree—and as my grandfather once said to me—“Pabst is a good beer!”

I also like Olympia (do they still make that?)

And we also used to drink Shaefer in highschool, which I think was rejected Stroh’s (that’s saying something)

After the first 3, they’re all good

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In highschool we used to drink miller highlife (crystal), keystone light (stones), natural light (fratty light), coors (bullets), PBR (cause in IL it was $2.50 a sixer)

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I remember Natural Light Ice, or ‘Natty-ice’ being the beer of choice in high school.
They all go down in the beer bong pretty well

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This is the opposite of the answer you’re looking for but its something I feel I need to share. Up here we’ve got very classy (plastic) 2 litre bottles of beer called Ridin’ Dirty – I’ve never brought myself to try it but I just might have to one day. I’m guessing that its horrible though.

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where is “up here” i must be there. 2 litres of beer? screw 40s. TWO LITRES!!!

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Natty ice was all my buddies choice, including myself, in high school. I go for bottles these days. Usually a good bud light. I feel like I’ve grow up from the good old days of the cans.

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Natty Light/PBR/The Beast… all good choices. However, “good” as it is used here, is relative.

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PBR , Keystone light, Natty light

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schiltz, rainier, pbr

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PBR or Natty light (natural light)

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country club brand malt liquor. Clash

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Yuengling!!! Best beer for your money. I would recommend the black and tan or porter.

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I grabbed a PBR from my fridge after reading the answers to this! Loves it.

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miller high life.

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