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Would you kindly direct me to a decent web resource about navigation and map reading?

Asked by TexasDude (25244points) November 9th, 2010

As part of a self-improvement scheme that my friends and I have devised, we are all taking turns learning new skills to teach the rest of the group each week. This week is my week, and I want to teach my friends about map reading and navigation the old fashioned way. I want to know how to determine declination, how to interpret common symbols and topographical contours, how to use a line of sight compass effectively, and so on.

Do my darling Flutherites have any resources to share?

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Are you traveling virtually by land or by sea, my young man? Will you be using a compass, a sextant or both?

I normally associated the word navigation with ships and boats and maybe airplanes, but you’re also referring to things that indicate you are talking about traveling by land. Is it one or the other or both?

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@lillycoyote, by land. Is there a different word for using maps to travel across land as opposed to by sear or air?

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This website looks a bit dated but I guess orienteering is rather timeless. I haven’t checked all his links to make sure they work.

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Orienteering forum

The folks here will probably be able to help you more than I can.

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@perg and @WestRiverrat, ah, orienteering… I should have remembered that word… I took an orienteering class in highschool. Thanks for the links.

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Orienteering BSA

“Be prepared”, the steps and requirement also has bibliography.

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Not necessarily a different word for map reading when you travel by sea or air, I don’t think but I’m not sure. I just wasn’t clear whether you wanted to learn one or the other means of navigating or both. They are king of different skill, land and sea navigation. So, I guess I’m throwing the celestial navigation site, with instructions on how to use a sextant in as bonus. Knowing what I know of you @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard you’ll probably being looking to learn how to use a sextant at some point in your life so you’ll already have the information right here.

These are some pretty good sites to start with, I think.

Reading Topographic Maps

Map Reading and Land Navigation

The next one isn’t really classic technique but it’s kind of interesting.

A Bushwalker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Celestial Navigation

You might like that last one. It has a “webmistress.” :-)

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I think the Canadians have a great start resource here

Check out the power point it will help you figure this all out! Make it easy on yourself and contact a local Boy Scout Troop who I know would jump at the chance to teach an interested person….I am serious about this!! It takes maybe an hour to learn when someone shows you….days if you try to learn on your own!

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@Tropical_Willie, I’m getting a runtime error from that site, but I’ll try it in a different browser. Thank you.

@lillycoyote, why yes, I would like to learn to use a sextant some day. How’d ya guess? ;-)
Those are great links. I’m particularly fond of the second link.

@Cruiser, you’re right. That is a great resource. Thank you.

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