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If anyone here strips for a living, what's the most money you've made in one night, without degrading yourself?

Asked by syntak (275points) April 3rd, 2008
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I would really like to know – thinking about doing it myself…

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my GF strips in one of the best clubs here in the city (SF) she makes around 150 – 200 dollars a night (8 hour shift). weekdays a bit less and weekends up to 500. she doesnt suck sick or have sex. some of the girls she works with do all the above and come home with anywhere from 500 – 2000 a night. just seeing whats the most anyone has ever made..

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without degrading yourself

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“syntak” ...and sucks sick says it all. This site does have young members (13 is the lower limit.)

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Thanks gailcalled everyone knows it but never thinks about it when writing answers and questions. I think it’s quite a problem.

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gailcalled: 13 year olds shouldnt be trying to answer questions anyway. they should be asking them. and I was more talking to nocountry2 because she was considering doing it herself.

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@syntak -If you want to talk privately to nocountry2, just click on her user name and send her a private comment. The youngsters on this site are, by and large, literate and interesting and both ask and answer. Check the guidelines, which I am too tired to find for you (maybe someone else can.)

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No offense but I used to make 150–200 a night waiting tables at a restaurant 10 years ago.

I had a friend that worked the pole in Houston that made 2500–3000 a week. For dancing only..

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Yeah, I thought that number seemed really low too.

That’s less than $20 p/h. Chump change, especially in SF.

I knew a girl who “danced” in SF, and she made anywhere from $1,000—$3,500+ per night. I can’t say she never went past dancing, but even so, it had to have been uncommon.


I think your girl might be padding a fat bank account (or habit) if she tells you she only makes $150 per night.

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I agree with gailcalled. Pm that stuff. Sucks sick? Haha.

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oh and to add, 200 a night plus 20 an hour.

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I’m confused…you asked a question, then answered it yourself??

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@gailcalled None of the concepts in this post (or, frankly, almost anywhere on the internet) were foreign to me when I was 13, nor to any of my friends… (I’m 20 now, FWIW)

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