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How do you recommend I sleep with a cold?

Asked by amazingme (1860points) November 9th, 2010

I obviously have a cold. Normal symptoms like : congestion, sore throat, head ache. How do you recommend I sleep? I know that sleeping with your head raised is good, but are there any other tips out there so that I don’t end up feeling worse when I wake up?

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Drink water before you go to bed, and keep water beside your bed to drink if you wake up at night. Hydration is important to keeping mucus thinned out. Nyquil should help you get to sleep.

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A vaporizer will help. It will moisten the air so your throat won’t dry out as much.
A really hot bath or shower before you go to bed will help too.

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Afrin nose spray at night and a combination decongestant antihistimine. For the headache take 400 miligrams of ibuprofen (600 if you weigh over 180) and make sure you drank your caffeine if you are a caffeine drinker, although at thos point it is time to go to bed, so not a good idea now, but make sure you get it tomorrow.

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Try to not let the heat ( if there is central heating) blow down on you or your face. It will plug you up even more.

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Yes, hot bath before bed and maybe a Mucinex or a nice shot of Nyquil. lol

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Eat ibuprofen like it’s candy. Since it helps with swelling it will be especially effective for your headaches. If the congestion is so much that even inhaling a certain amount of steam doesn’t help, eat something spicy right before bed. It will clear out your sinuses. Even if you’re not hungry, remember to eat normally because your body needs that fuel to heal. AVOID DAIRY. Dairy products will congest even more and you will be almost unable to breathe or clear your nose out. Avoid really hot drinks and foods because they will hurt you more than normal.

Also, as gross as it sounds, gargle with warm salt water. I’ve never done it never been able to bring myself to do so but my mother absolutely swears by it. Ya know something? That woman knows how to recover from a cold.

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Be careful with the Afrin it can be addicting. Nyquil is good, couple shots of Jack Daniels works good too.

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By yourself.

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No. I recommend you sleep without a cold.

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Holy moly, what you want to do is get a cup of water boil that sucker hot, add in 4 Tsp of suger, ½ of a peppermint stick, one tsp honey, and ¼ if a med sized lemon, stir all that together, swig it down as fast as you can without buring the heck out of your tongue. The hop into bed under 2 or more blankets and a quilt or comforter and by morning you wil be a lot better if the cold has not fled to the hills.

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Permit yourself to use Afrin Nose spray as it is intended. But, use only one full spray in one nostril per day and alternate nostrils. Spray it about an hour before bed so that one nostril will be clear by the time you are ready to slide between the sheets. You will sleep easier if your mouth is closed.

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Mucinex is magic

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I would take a Mucinex, an Aleve and a very light spray of Afrin at bedtime. And hope it wasn’t too much medicine. Then I’d put a box of tissues next to me. Good luck. Its miserable, I know. But it’ll be over soon. (;

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