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How about giving Fluther a code tag option?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21638points) November 9th, 2010

At the moment, you can shrink text or make it bold and do some other stuff. But how about making it so that you can mark something as code?

Maybe even some kind of way of marking things as different types of code. e.g:

thisisHTML:blah blah blah:endHTML
thisisPHP:blah blah blah:endPHP

Something that puts the code in a box with bits of code showing up in their proper colors. or maybe just an all purpose code box that has no colors but marks what is code and what is not.

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if you put a @ at the beginning and end of each line, you can do code formatting.

print “just like this”

It’s not a perfect solution because it’s not multi-line, but it works for now.

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I did not know that.. ill have to try it out some time. thx.

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@ben Cool. Thanks for the tip.

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Why not just allow the <pre> tag. Posting code here is a pain in the fucking ass. And textile butchers quotes. Why should I need to add “If you copy and paste turn curly quotes straight.”

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@ben – I totally discovered that by accident when I mistakenly put an the symbol at the end of a response to someone.

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fun! thank you @ben

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Fun stuff! Thanks

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I want an <underline> tag!

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I didn’t know you could do that Sorry just wanted to try it out Thank you @ben !

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@johnpowell With the current system, we can’t do paragraph-level markup without special-casing a whole bunch of stuff. Add this to the fact that we have the engine written in both python and javascript, plus the fact that we’d need to drastically reconstruct it—it’s better to address when we update the response box and add more WYSIWYG editing.

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@erichw1504 Hey, the pictures are my job!

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1111111111 (ten ones)
8888888888 (ten eights)

1111111111 (with code formatting..)
8888888888 (..aka monospace)
I just wanted to try it, too ~ Useful when alignment is critical. Thanks, @ben

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Try indenting with tabs or using quotes.

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I would be **AWESOME** if Fluther didn’t curl quotes within code blocks. Why???

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