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What is the strangest place you've ever had sex?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34524points) April 3rd, 2008
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movie theatre

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Tree and Art History Section of the library.

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Tree and Art History Section of the library.

I’m joking…

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Tree and Art History Section of the library.

wait no i didnt.

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LMAO, bastards. XD

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Amongst rows of olive trees on a citrus ranch in California.

Better than where, though was the day my gf at the time got a mess of braided hair extensions and then set about complaining for the next two days about how she felt like she had a big helmet on her head. So, in sympathy, I wore my motorcycle helmet, which worked okay except I had to lift the visor to breathe and then kept knocking
her in the forehead with the visor. Good times.

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Church camp. I can explain…...I was pretty young, and really dumb, and we had way to much time to ourselves.

Does oral count? If so, the school bus on the way to an away game was awkward, but exciting at the same time. Crazy high school years…

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Midnight, Colorado cornfield, hot night in July, mosquito bites all over my butt,,

with the “farmer’s daughter”, of course..


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the very back of a charter bus.

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on the sky lift thingy at six flags while it was moving…..

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In a Church Basement

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British Airways restroom from Philadelphia to Madrid. Not as comfortable as one might expect.

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in a trunk of a car…..weird position but did it feel oh so good. :)

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In a dressing room at a clothing store I San Diego.

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on the green of a private golf course at 2 in the morning

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in anyone room I could find when it was time to get busy

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my parents bed…

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In a field next to a Mormon church. It was great, I was sticking it to two people at once.

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Bedroom of a model home, middle of the afternoon.

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On a hood of a car in the golden gate park

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On a bridge over the highway (I-94 in Chicago).

Yeah, I was pretty drunk at the time.. :)

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On a Harley!

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Isn’t anybody going to say, “in the butt.”
You were all thinking it. :)

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In the butt….but not really

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wasnt that the answer on some game show back in the day.

aww why not skgskg22?

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I think you’re thinking of The Newlywed Game with Bob Eubanks. And they always called it “whoopie”.

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YES! thats what i was thinking about. heh love the word whoopie ^_^ thanks for that link.

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In Texas at american eagle in the dressing room. Funny thing about it is we think one of the ladys that works there knew what we were doing but never said anything. She was loud too. It was a first for both of us and I plan on going shopping with her more often….LoL

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standing up behind office max in the loading dock. And neither if us worked there.

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upper deck, Candestick Park, during a Giants night game.

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I’ve never had sex.

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@Zack_In_Black Then there isn’t a reason for you to be answering this question now is there? And unlike masturbate, at least you spelled sex right.

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At a bar, or a concert

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In a practice room at a music school. Three cheers for soundproofing!

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On top of an M1A1 tank.

Just remembered, also on top of a hose bed (on the top/back of a fire truck.)

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