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Which characters in movies or tv that died, would you rather have lived?

Asked by ucme (50031points) November 10th, 2010

Yeah, often when watching a movie for the first time I feel a liking for a particular character. Then they go & get themselves killed or just pop their clogs. This invairably happens to the “bad guys.” There have been quite a number of times this has occured. Although I won’t reveal any just yet. Would rather here your examples first.

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Yossarian still lives.

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You know…..Quint

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Mufasa from The Lion King anyone who didn’t cry when Mufasa died has a heart of stone!

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I would rather that Boromir lived in Lord of the Rings, Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movies and there is another Harry Potter character that I won’t name since the movie of that book isn’t out yet, I don’t want to spoil it for someone who watches the movies, but doesn’t read the books.

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Ole Yeller.

Bambi’s mother

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I wanted Ryan O’Halloran, the tech from Law & Order SVU to live, but Stuckey killed him. I was pissed

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The Wicked Witch of the East…that bitch was probably crazy, yo…!

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I liked the shark in Jaws. Damn, and Quint, too now that I read @lucillelucillelucille‘s answer.

I liked the scientist guy in charge of the research lab in Area 51 in Independence Day. And the First Lady, too. Now there’s a first.

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@lucillelucillelucille You know, I completely agree. When I first saw “de big fish” I thought he was totally cool. Then he went & got himself bit. Silly bugger :¬)

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Donnie in the Big Lebowski.

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@Leanne1986 I didn’t cry but my bottom lip did kind of tremble there for a moment.

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@ucme That’s good enough, shows some sign of emotion!

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George on Grey’s Anatomy. I understand that the show is about Meredith but it could carry on without her and Lexie. George was funny and interesting.

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Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake

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The Omega Man, 1971 version.
not that Will Smith crap

Robert Neville (Charlton Heston).
It really sucked that he died. Those people were a big pain in the ass.

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Both Shepherd and Wash didn’t need to die in Serenity. One kill would have been enough for me.

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Butch and Sundance.

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Top of my list: The Incredible Hulk

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Sirius Black.

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IE Bill Bixby.

He was a cool dude.

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Thelma and Louise

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Jack Torrance in The Shining

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@CyanoticWasp There’s no guarantee they didn’t shoot their way out! I’ve seen Jackie Chan take on that many armed ninjas and he didn’t even have a gun. I prefer to think of it with an alternate ending where they shot their way to freedom and then moved to some strange country where they could both marry the school teacher. Everybody lives happily ever after, case closed.

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John Smith in The Dead Zone

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Doc Daneeka. It’s too bad that he tried to collect his flight pay by pretending to be in the plane with McWatt when McWatt accidentally killed Kid Sampson on the raft and then committed suicide by flying into the mountain.

Too bad for Doc Daneeka that he was standing on shore watching it all happen, and powerless to stop the bureaucracy that reported him dead because he was supposed to have been on the plane.

Come to think of it, it’s too bad that McWatt and Kid Sampson had to bite it. And the whole rescue squad from Saving Private Ryan, too.

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Does anyone remember the “Flowers in the Attic” series of books from the early 1980’s? They made a movie of the first book and killed off the mother. She was integral to the rest of the series, yet they killed her off and removed the possibility of more movies. As much as the movie sucked, I was surprised that they would close that door.

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Kenny (bastards)

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for me, any animal characters that die always make me cry like a baby. I am to the point where I resist watching animal movies for that reason. Even if the animal does not die, I may cry anyway, like Free Willy. Bambi’s mom, which someone mentioned, was upsetting to me. Lassie movies, Disney movies (the ones from the 60’s with real animals) are upsetting to me.

One very upsetting one for me was Harry and Tonto, with Art Carney (1974). It was about this old guy who had a cat that was his constant companion, his best bud. He could walk the cat around on a leash. They travel across the country together, and the movie also focussed on other relationships in the man’s life, like with his son. Anyway, in the end the cat died. I had a cat that looked just like Tonto, and about two weeks after I saw that movie my cat died. It was almost eerie. I don’t know if I could watch that movie ever again.

I am hesitant to watch Marley and Me because I heard it’s very sad, also.

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Jenny in Forrest Gump
Ruth in Fried Green Tomatoes
Robbie and Cecila in Atonement

Someone please hand me a hankie.

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@CyanoticWasp nice catch with Doc Daneeka.

@Rarebear I’m with you on Wash. I don’t often rebel against character deaths but that was just pointless.

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King Kong.

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Jessica Tandy and John Candy !
Natalie Wood
Elvis Presley
Marlon Brando

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Omar in the Wire.

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Ianto Jones, in Torchwood. That was heartbreaking.

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The passengers of Oceanic Flight 815.
I really wish George wouldn’t have had to put Lennie down either.
The Younglings in Episdoe III.

@Supacase . . . I know. Col. Blake not making it back to Bloomington was my first major WTF moment on tv.

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Sherlock Holmes – Oh wait, then he couldn’t have come back from the dead.

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@YARNLADY He came back from the dead?! Did Doyle do it or one of the Holmes-hijackers?

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the apparent dead. they even brought mycroft in on that one.

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Harry Potter’s owl Hedwig. There was no reason, other than plot complication, for that.

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Loretta on Family Guy.
Oops! Sorry, that’s a cartoon:(

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@filmfann – That was the first time I cried during that book. I think she was trying to get across the idea that this was going to be a horrible ride for Harry and company.

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Thanks so much for that link, @Brian1946. My dad told me about that movie / toon from years and years ago, and I’ve wanted to see it forever.

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Mick, in Rocky 3.

Apollo Creed in Rocky 4

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@fundevogel Doyle was forced by public opinion to bring him back.

I think J K Rowling killing off one of the Weasley twins was one character too far.

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@YARNLADY and @MacBean Wow, that’s weird.

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I love Sirius Black and I wasn’t happy that he died at first, but I got over it. In my opinion, he died a noble and honourable death. He died defending people he cared about, especially Harry. Didn’t he say he would die before betraying his friends to Wormtail? I like his death for that reason. It showed that he was a man of his word.

I also was not happy with the death of Fred Weasley at first. I found Fred and George to be quite entertaining when they were together. They were silly and they knew how to make people laugh. However, when I think about it now, I can’t think of a better death for him. He died laughing. He died happy. And that is exactly how I want to remember him—a happy person who enjoyed his life to the very end.

Cedric Diggory dying also came as a surprise to me. He was so nice and so respectful and he was one of the only people who was nice to Harry when hardly anyone seemed to believe him. It was so sad. However, again, Cedric also died an honourable and noble death. He couldn’t have seen what he was in for coming…. and he died after he should have won the Triwizard Tournament, something he really wanted to be in.

I’ve learned to let the characters I love so much to keep “living” in my memory, even if an author chose to “kill them off”. :)

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Dexter’s Wife Rita

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