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How do I get black oil stains out of my jeans?

Asked by bhec10 (6458points) November 10th, 2010

What’s the best way to remove those ugly black stains that the oil from my bike’s chain left on my jeans?

Are there any home made solutions? It seems that washing it in the washing machine didn’t work!


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try dr. bronner’s liquid soap

it’s so strong in it’s concentrated form that it’ll suck the natural oil out of your hands when washing with it.

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@Carly Unfortunately I live in the UK, so they’re not available to me.

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In my experience, you don’t.

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ooo, well, then I would research hand soap cleaner that is used by mechanics. I’m not sure what brands they sell in the UK, but you should be able to find it easily at an auto parts store.
Or you could try this recipe I just found. It looks legit.

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Why remove them? Display them with pride!

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Oil sticks pretty firmly. You can probably use any detergent that you like, just pour it over the spotted areas and let it sit for a while before washing.

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@Nullo, @ChazMaz Thanks, I’ll give those a try!

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Spray the stains with wd40 and then wash them

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Shout won’t take it out, nor will most common detergent cleaners. Lestoil will take it out but I don’t know if you have that product in the UK. If you do you have to pour it right on the spots inside and outside of the fabric and let it set for awhile before laundering with more of the same product.
If you don’t have Lestoil than you want to visit an auto parts distributor and get the industrial hand cleaners that they use. You open the container and dip some out right onto the spot and let is set. Then take a nail brush and glide it gently across the spot. You want to avoid working it into the fabric. Just let the product break it down and slowly remove it with a brush.
I used to hang out at the Jersey shore as a kid. Creasote is what they preserve the piers on the bay and along some jetties there. Creasote is tougher to get off than straight oil and the process I described will take it off of jeans and all but the lightest of cotton clothing on that it will leave a faint mark like regular cooking oil would produce.

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I have pretreated oil stains in the past with shout. The spray not the stick. And it worked. Usually. The trick is not to let sit on there too long. and, it wont work if you already washed the pants. Usually

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