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What should ou do when your in love with someone but their just not in love with you?

Asked by love408 (147points) April 3rd, 2008


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Move on. It takes two to tango, or better yet, to love. Love is a partnership.

They may eventually come around, but no need in sitting around feeling bad about it now. Get out and do your best to move on. You may find someone better. Good luck. I hope this helps. I know how rough it can be.

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That’s always a tought answer.

I think you can do one of two things

1) You can give them time

or 2) you can move on as randy suggested

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agreed with all of the above.

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walk away while you still have your dignity. You will never be able to convince someone to love you, its to strong of an emotion. You can however convince them that you can be a wonderful friend, but that’s probably not what your heart wants from that person….at least right now.

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true that you can’t convince them to lvoe you, but some people do need a little more time to realize what they have, maybe walking away would be the best thing to make them realize that, then once they realize what they’ve lost they might realize they truly were in love. Either way, at least you’ll know how they feel

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You might think a bit about what kind of feeling you are having for this person, if he doesn’t love you. Is your feeling really love or something else? It’s hard to truly love someone if they don’t love you back. It could be infatuation, admiration, or any number of other things, but it probably isn’t love. That might make it easier for you as you go on without him.

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Move on. You’ll only make yourself miserable if you persist.

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