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When in doubt, do you Fluther or Google first?

Asked by Carly (4555points) November 10th, 2010

when you don’t know how to do something, need to know a fact, or anything that requires more information, do you first rely on fluther answers, or do you try to research it first on google (or some other search engine)?

and do you choose one over the other first?

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Google always. I just found instructions for a crocheted Wee Willie Warmer (aka Peter Pouch).

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For quick short questions, Google.
For more informative, opinion, or discussion-worthy questions, Fluther.

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It depends on what type of answers I want. Like @erichw1504, if I want a quick short answer, I’ll google it. If I want more information from people with experience in that area, I’ll ask Fluther.

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I Google many times a day. I ask Fluther less than once a week.

I only ask Fluther when I want some opinion with my facts, or personal anecdotes. Or simply want to see an interesting conversation.

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Google. If I can’t find it on Google then I will ask Fluther.

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It depends what it is but I usually Google for information and Fluther for opinions

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If I’m ever in doubt, I’ll try to remember that I need to respond here.

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I agree with @erichw1504 – google first to see if my question can be found quickly, Fluther for the more complicated, non-googlable stuff.

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Have a complicated question? Fluther It®

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I leave Fluther for keeping it real.

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@gailcalled Based on your answer, I just googled the wee willie warmer (pattern by Danglie Bits). Fantastic!
Fluther and Google working together.

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My information questions I ask on Google. My shopping questions are for Google. All my research is on Google.

My questions here are pretty much for social purposes. I try to get people to discuss ordinary situations and offer their experience. On very rare occasions I will ask for some information if my Google search has divulged little of use.

fluther is a playground. Google is a class room. Me? I much prefer toys!

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I use Google and/or Wiki. If I want more informed people based answers, with discussion and opinion, I use Fluther.

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I use GoodSearch because it earns money for my school. If that’s too weak,I go to Google. If the information there isnt specific or personal enough, I come here!!!

I also come here first to ogle @missanthrope. Hubbahubba.

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I use IXQUICK for most my information gathering needs.

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@Cruiser , you are a rebel.

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I think Fluther has made me a bit lazier in terms of searching for information because I used to be all Question? Let me Google that! and now I’m more like Question? I should ask Fluther!

I usually use Google and Wikipedia for facts and information. I don’t ask lots of questions on Fluther, even though I’d like to, because usually, I end up figuring out the answer on my own or deciding it’s actually a lame question. When I do ask questions, Fluther has been great to get more personal angles on things, opinions, advice, and in-depth layman explanations of things.

@SundayKittens – To steal your line, plink plink.

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I Ching, Google, Fluther.

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i often use google when answering questions here just to be sure i am not making some glaring blunder. . . shhh

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Google first, I guess. Anytime I want to know what, when, where, how, who or why I generally do my own research. Most of the questions I ask on fluther are about people’s personal experiences or thoughts on something, or personal preferences; “non-factual” stuff I can’t find anywhere else. And some of the questions I just ask are just for fun.

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Depends, if I want the question quickly then I Google it. But, if I’m not in any rush I’ll use Fluther then.

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Totally matters the nature of the question. I find Fluther to be more communal, that is advice-based and/or social. Google is precise, academic, though Fluther buttresses it in many aspects.

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I have access to a number of search engines and am inclined to do my own research first. I just come here for entertainment.

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I always Google first. I’ve asked two technical questions on here after I couldn’t find what I was looking for so Fluther helped when it came down to it.

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I used to google but after figuring out that I’m not good at wording things in search engines I’ve started coming to fluther first :)

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I will always refer to Google first. If I can’t find what I’m looking for or if not enough info is supplied, I will ask on Fluther. I’ve gotten some useful info before on Fluther. Don’t know about accurate, but it’s been useful.

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