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How do you tell your parents that you have 2 f's on your progress report card that comes home on the next day ?

Asked by tia123 (4points) November 10th, 2010

Okay. So I have 2 f’s on my progress report. And im scared to tell my mom :(

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This is a life lesson question.

You tell them. Let the chips fall where they may.
You and they will get over it. And in the end, you will be a much stronger and wiser individual.

Welcome aboard @tia123.

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Just dont make excuses. You know why you have the F’s so if you need help with something just get it out there that you need help.

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You tell your parents what you have learned first. For example “Mom, Dad, this semester I learned that you have to schedule time daily to do homework and study and that you must turn the cell phone off while in class and pay attention.” You then wait for their response. If they ask HOW you learned this than you just proceed to telling them you learned this all because you just got two f’s on your progress report. And if they compliment you and don’t ask you how you learned all that you say, “The bad news is that I learned this because I just failed two classes.”

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She will accept your Fs, if you have an A in conduct. the Fs can be corrected. your conduct is yours forever.

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Start with “I have a problem, and I’m going to need your help.”

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You do know this means you’re grounded until the next report cards come out. (My son got grounded for two years that way!) Now get in the cellar.

Seriously…I have to ask, WHY you’re coming home with F’s? Is this something that could have been avoided? That’s just really not good.

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My father never really cared as long as I passed from one grade to the next… I missed 180 days in Junior High from depression… and got many F’s… at the end my final marks were passing because I learned the material and aced the final exams.. I would be grateful if my parents cared about me enough to at least talk to me about my report card more than the 1 minute to sign it

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Just tell her. She probably won’t be that surprised. Expect to hear alot of dissapointment. My daughter is getting f’s too. She is probably going to get dismissed from her school because of it. Hopefully you can turn things around.

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