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What Question(s) Do You Hate The Most?

Asked by Ultramarine_Ocean (623points) November 10th, 2010

What’s your least favorite question? It can be one that your asked everyday or just a plain dumb one. Mine is the “How was your day?” or “What did you do at school?” that my parents ask me almost every time I get home. I know it’s meant to be sincere but it really irrates me sometimes.

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Are you gonna finish that sandwich?

And, 9 times out of 10 it’s our dear bob who is asking. That bastard.

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What’s for dinner?
That question always make me ask back…“Who died and left me chief cook and bottle washer?”

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Who died and left me chief cook and bottle washer?

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I work in inventory planning and control for a government contractor and wish I had a dang nickel for everytime I have been asked the question,” You found everything yet??” UGH!!!

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I hate it when strangers ask me how I am. You don’t give a flying f**k how I am and I don’t want to even waste my time saying fine.

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Having been here a little while now the ones that have been asked before are starting to annoy me.

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While interviewing:
What’s your biggest fault?

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Answer: Well I guess the crack in my arse.

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Do you love me? Lol…...Just kidding.

I think it’s when people innocuously ask how things are at work or in my life when I see them multiple times a week. Nothing major has changed and if something does, I’ll inform you.

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There are other less than favored questions:
Are we there yet?
Did you cum? or Was it good for you?
Did you fart?
Why? as in Whywhywhy? Why me?
Are you done in there? (asked while you are busy doing your business in the bathroom)

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“Why did you do that?” regarding a mistake.

I am tempted to reply, “Well, I carefully considered the options. I wrote them all down and made a grid, listing Pros and Cons of each approach. I called several people whose opinions and judgment I trust and described the situation. I added their advice to my Pros and Cons list.

Then I chose the option most likely to ruin everything.

Or maybe it was just a mistake, I’m not sure.”

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Is it in yet?

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Why do you love me?

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You fall off the roof or get hit by a car and someone will always ask, “ARE YOU ALRIGHT?”

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(Old college classmate)

“So what have you been up to?”

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“Is it because (insert assumption)?” Some of the assumptions that crop up are so out of left field it’s amusing.

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What are you doing in there? (also asked while you are busy in the bathroom like they can’t figure that one out for themselves!)

And then there are the rhetorical questions such as “Are you stupid?” or “What were you thinking?”

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All those that are actually statements.

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When are you gonna quit drinking?

Seriously, when are you gonna quit drinking?

Baby, why’d you have your dick in the sink?

i’d like to thank eddie for that last question

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When do you think it will be finished?
Are you screwing around on that computer again?

These usually come in pairs in either order.

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When I tell someone I’m transsexual, the inevitable questions about what surgery I’m going to have.

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Have You Heard The Good News?

Blueroses's avatar

How’s your love life?
Any plans to settle down?

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where do you work?

Blondesjon's avatar

Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior?

flutherother's avatar

How old are you?

Dutchess_III's avatar

So, Downtide~What surgeries you gonna have? —JK!!!!!

“Hi! How ARE you!”—-From a telemarketer.

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why do you suc so badly at thes game gtfo u neob

Dutchess_III's avatar

@Fred931 Ya! Like that! Or:

i’m pregnet and i dont no how it hapened! wat do i do?

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Where were you last night at approximately seven thirteen PM? Would you mind if we stepped inside?


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What’s for dinner?
My answer is always…FOOD!

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@Dutchess_III Pediatricians get it slightly different, via text message…

“dr lastname my baby jst pukes all over is this bad shuold i be worrid abot woopie cough thx”

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Ultramarine_Ocean's avatar

Another one I find rude.
“How heavy are you?”
I’m not asked that but some of my friends are.
I think it’s so rude.

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The question I hate the most? The second one. Let me explain.

If someone asks me “Did you take out the garbage?” and I say “Yes”, there is no second question.
If I answer “No”, they always ask “You didn’t?”
Why do NO answers always get that follow up, and YES answers don’t?

Fred931's avatar

@filmfann Because they are shocked and disturbed that someone in modern society has not done what is expected of one.

Berserker's avatar

@filmfann Yeah lol. It’s like, they go, ’‘you didn’t’?’’ Well…no, I just fucking said so. Why do you need confirmation?
It’s like when you say something, and someone goes, Really?

Ya rly. Christ.

I suppose this second questions does not ask for a confirmation rather than an elaboration though.

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“You’re a liberal?!”
“Are you on Facebook?”

Fred931's avatar


BTW, the second question is ironically one of the most redundant to ask a politician. lol

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@Blackberry . . . i have a friend that’s liberal

Blackberry's avatar

Crazy huh….? You never know how many of those hippies cross your path everyday lol…...

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Have you stopped beating your wife/husband yet?

And this one I was asked by a lawyer when I was picked for jury duty:

Do you believe in the second ammendment? (I was wearing an NRA/ILA lapel pin and tie)

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So…are you the man or the woman?

Yes, I have gotten that question in regard to my relationship with my boyfriend.

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Wull, @filmfann! Doy! They asked you 5times to please take out the garbage, and 5 times you said you would, and 5 days later they ask you if you did it yet and for the 5th time you say, “No.” SO! The question of “You didn’t??” is more an exclamation of disbelief than an actual question. Now please. TOTFG!!!!!

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“Are you bi?”

From the fellas.

When I’m holding onto, snuggling up with and/or kissing my girlfriend when we’re out at a bar or party.

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Lately every time I see anyone from home they of course want to know, “How’s college going?” A natural question to ask and I don’t blame them, but it puts me in this awkward situation. Do I just fudge it and say “good” and leave them wondering what the heck I’m doing home at this time of year, or do I tell them more truth than they really need to hear and say I’m on medical leave about to get surgery? Mehhhhh

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Any last requests?

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@faye: I’m always sincere when I ask but strangers always get mad at me for asking.

@mama_cakes: When I was in high school, people would ask me that all the time. they thought I “acted” like a lesbian but I always talked about boys so they reasoned that I must be bisexual. Turns out, they were right, but for all the wrong reasons. :P

I got into a bad car accident when I was 13 and there are two questions that people always used to ask:

“Did it hurt?” – No, it felt fine. In fact, they just popped my foot back on and I went merrily on my way.

“Did you sue?” – Really? Did I sue? No I didn’t. I’m fine by the way, thanks for asking.

When my mom was pregnant with me, people would always ask her what my last name was going to be. She would pick some random last name out of thin air in response to these idiots. Then they’d ask why it was that last name…

RealEyesRealizeRealLies's avatar

Yes @mammal. I agree. That indeed is the worst question ever asked.

But hey! At least they asked…

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@Dutchess_III I’ll show you pictures, if you’re stomach’s strong enough! :-D

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When i’m talking with a friend about a particular movie we both recently watched. The conversation would go something like this.

Friend : “Oh that’s such a good film, I love it.”
Me : “Yeah, really enjoyed it.”
Friend : “Did you see the bit where…......?
Me : “That was good, very funny.”
Friend : “Did you see that part when…........?
Me : “Yeah I saw the whole movie from start to finish!”
Friend : “Oh you must have seen the look on that guy’s face?
Me : “I watched all of it!!!”
Friend : “Did you see…..........?
Me : “I’m going to fucking kill you now. Shut the fuck up you annoying little twat!!!

So yeah, the question I hate the most? Did you see the bit….....? Arrrggghhh!

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@ucme: Along the same line, “What was your favorite part?” Unless you’re a five-year-old, shut up!!!

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@KatawaGrey Now that’s what i’m talking about.

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@KatawaGrey But would you really want to hear my tale of woe? The nice young cashier doesn’t, the damn telemarketer doesn’t, nor does the guy at the door trying to convert me. If it was a situation where everyone had some disabilty then I would feel it was okay to talk. @jaykay I love that answer!

KatawaGrey's avatar

@faye: I don’t want to hear that your spouse left you but if you are having a bad day, I will gladly offer a kind word and make an extra effort to make you smile. The same is true of good news. I would love to hear that you are having an excellent day but I don’t want to hear that it’s because your child is getting married in a week to the most lovely person and you hope they have grandkids soon.

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@KatawaGrey ah, that made me smile! So I’ll tell you I’m having a great day ‘cause I’m off to the legion with a bunch of friends for Remembrance day ceremonies- no grandchildren! Sorry, OP to be off topic!

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I reckon if someone asks how I’m doing that gives me free reign to pour my troubles all over them.

Cashier: How are you today?
Me: Oh, Lordy! Let me tell you! [long list of issues]
Cashier: Er…
Me [to people on line behind me]: Hey, you folks better find another line. This has been a crap year for me so far!

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What’s your name again?

Blueroses's avatar

Can I tell you about an exciting new business opportunity?
The second you say “downline” I’m going to punch you in the nose.

Dutchess_III's avatar

LOL @downtide! I’m good! Thanks anyway! :)

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It bears repeating:

Those that are thinly veiled statements.

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@MeinTeil: If it bears repeating, it also bears explanation.

MeinTeil's avatar

^ check guidelines for general questions. You will find the answer there.

KatawaGrey's avatar

@MeinTeil: Just for shits and giggles, I humored you and checked the guidelines. I still have no idea what you mean. Why don’t you explain it instead of continuing with the cryptic and truncated one-liners.

Dutchess_III's avatar

@KatawaGrey Mein is being deep and intelligent, see.

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I simply hate questions that are in reality statements.

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@MeinTeil You mean something like this part of the guidelines? Asking a question on a controversial topic because you genuinely believe in the question and want an answer is acceptable, whereas doing so solely because you want to spark off a touchy discussion is not.
aka something that might be “asked” by a cannibal space monkey

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“OMG… how old were you when you had your son??”

Ummm… if you don’t already know the answer, it’s not an appropriate question.

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