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What would be a good gift for someone who just had twins?

Asked by Randy (11201points) April 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

I have a friend who just had twins and I want to get something for her and the babies. Here’s the catch though, I haven’t seen her in a few years so I’m not sure about interests, what she needs, or even the sex of the babies. I feel you should also know that I’m a guy and so I’m not very good at these things. Any ideas?

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If she’s planning to nurse…another set of breasts. Two just won’t be enough.

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All jokes aside, I just had a funny idea.

What about a set of onesies (matching of course, or not…maybe even in different colors). Each of them would say “I’m with Him/her” and arrows underneath pointing at each other. You can even create them yourself at The only problem I have (yes, I have a problem with my own idea) is that they’ll already be getting lots of clothes. I’ll holler if I come up with anything better/more original. :)

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Time. An extra pair of hands—even on a regular basis for a while.

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Im not so sure that’s a good idea.
A) She lives a good drive away.
B) She has her mom and other immediate family around.
C) I’ve never met her husband. It could be a weird to have some old friend of his wife, coming over to take care of his kids.
Thanks though, I just font see that as appropriate for this circumstance.

@spendywatson- extra breasts. Hahaha. Good one. The onesies arnt a bad idea. If I can make them say what I want, that could be good. Any ideas for the mother?

@Dine- lol. Does halmarlk make a “you just had twins, yay!” card to slip that in?

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Give the mother something to pamper herself with…a certificate for a massage, mani/pedi, something nice that she wouldn’t spend the money on for herself (with a new set of twins around to diaper and clothe). If they’re loaded and can buy whatever they want (money is no object), you might try something sentimental for her…an elaborate memory book or other memory archive that is custom designed for twins. Put some thought into that one and make it personal and creative, not something pre-fab that you just grabbed off the shelf. If that’s the route you choose, just holler and I’ll offer a few ideas for you to build on. Also…are these the first children in their family? If not, be sure to get something for the older siblings, as they will need to feel included and will need extra attention after the babies arrive. Sibling rivalry with new babies…not good.

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I have twin boys, now 5 years old. Buying the diapers about broke the bank. Get them diapers of all sizes.

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Diapers are a great idea. Also lotions, wipes, powders, etc. You could get a bunch if stuff and put it into a basket. I also always give baby books..the kind where you can put photos, hair clippings, first teeth, etc.

Moms who have twins will be too bust for a while to go to the spa. If they get free time they probably want to sleep. A gift certificate for a dinner which could be eaten in or out would be great. The only dates Troy and I had the first couple of years was at home after the baby was sleeping. We received gift cards, and he would run down and pick up the food while I was getting the baby down. We could have a nice dinner in our dining room by candlelight.

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A day at the spa! and let grandma babysit while she is relaxing. maybe you could go with and have a girls day.

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My wife and I became parents to twins 8 weeks ago today. We got a lot of great and useful presents (and some duplicates). One thing I have just bought, which would have been a nice gift if anyone thought of it, is a pair of baby slings/carriers. Now my wife and I can strap the babies to our chests and go for walks.

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Thats actually good thinking. I’m considering some kind of luxury item. It just seems that twins could cause a burden on finances. What do you guys think?

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Definitely…either something to pamper mom or two items that would lift a huge financial burden. Sounds like something any set of parents would be greatful for getting.

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I’m the mom of twins. I loved it when friends would just come over and sit in the house so I could take a nap or a shower. Also, I had friends that would make some home made dinners that could be frozen and later reheated. It was tough those first six months – I was fully sleep deprived.

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They have nice newborn gift baskets for twins with a lot of great stuff in them at Newborn Gift Idea.

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You can never go wrong with gift certificates!

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