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How do you apply a new iPhone theme once it has been downloaded?

Asked by purephase (749points) April 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

I recently installed a new theme for my iPhone but cannot seem to find a way to apply it to the device. I am sure I have over looked what to do, any suggestions?

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did you download the theme from the iphone itself? (installer)? If so, first identify for what program this theme is.. Customize or SummerBoard.. Then try opening one of the Applications and try to find the theme you downloaded. Hope that helps..

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hmmm…that’s part of this issue. After getting it from the installer, I can’t locate it other than in the installer menu. The only option I see is “uninstall”.

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Did you install SummerBoard app?

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I installed a “Spirited Away” theme from Summerboard

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I figured it out! Thanx.

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hi…can you teach me how did you did you do this? im having the same problem as you..thanks a lot…..

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