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Whats more fun skiing or Snowboarding?

Asked by Rulik_Thlenim (15points) November 10th, 2010

And why?

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Snowboarding by far!! Woo HOOO!!

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Snowboarding, hands down. It’s like surfing down a mountain. On a good power day, you just float up on top of the snow and carve all around. It’s the shiznit.

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I’d say snowboarding seems the best!

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Snowboarding is so much better. I suppose I’m not a great judge of this as my skiing experience is very limited, but all I know is that I didn’t care for it and I’ve been snowboarding ever since. I just like the feeling of it better. I used to skateboard a lot, so it kinda makes sense that I would prefer snowboarding. :)

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Haha I love skiing

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For me, neither. I prefer snowshoeing.

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Skiing for me. Snowboarding I’m too likely to hurt myself.

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on the wii i love snow boarding, but in the real world….......... who cares about the real world when there is wii world

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I’m team snowboard. I found it a lot easier than skiing, and I learned to ski when I was about 3.. So I’d say that would made it more fun.. Easy = fun.. following?

Plus, we look hotter.

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