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What is the best question anyone has ever asked you?

Asked by Rulik_Thlenim (15points) November 10th, 2010


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“Will you marry me?” ~

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“What would you say if I told you I loved you?”

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Are you leaving me?

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I had someone at work ask me if I ever tried to have sex with my wife in an “uncomfortable place” a couple of times.

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Can you forgive him?

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Someone I had literally just met asked me what I would do with my life if time and money weren’t an option. ...Not a terribly unique question, but I thought it was a pretty bold thing to ask of someone he had just met not 3 minutes earlier. It took me very much by surprise and made the man who asked it seem very interesting to me…and then I banged him approximately 2 weeks later, but that’s beside the point :)

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Do you get queasy around blood?
Some woman whom I had just met was out with me and a group of friends and she has diabetes and needed to prick her finger. I don’t understand why she couldn’t just get up and go to the bathroom and leave everyone none the wiser, but after knowing her for a bit, I understood why. It’s all fro attention – with a subsequent question from her bring, “What do you think about me getting my clit pierced?”

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“Carly, why are you in the dryer?” – my sister.

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When can you start.

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“What’s the best thing that happened to you all day?” It whipped me out of a grumpy, self-absorbed mood over some banal incident that hung over me like a dark cloud. I now use it fairly regularly on others.

One time, I shared it with a hotel desk clerk and encouraged her to try it out on guests. She did, and got a sarcastic, “I woke up today” response. A couple of hours later, the guy called down to leave a wake-up call and added, “You know? I’ve been thinking about what you asked me, and I’d like to change my answer. I called home and asked my teenaged daughter the same question. She said that she got an A on a test. She actually talked to me briefly about what was going on in her life. That’s the best thing that has happened to me today.”

Try this question out sometime. You might be pleasantly surprised about what you hear.

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Why does the universe exist?

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this one…..... xp

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