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Who is the proper Doctor to go to when you are feeling depressed?

Asked by pattyb (786points) April 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

psycologist, psychiatrist, therapist, counseler, its kind of confusing?

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Probably psycologist, went to one earlier this year for A.D.D. but he said he has seen many depressed people to help either medicate or find another means to help them out if you do not wish to be on medication

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I would visit your general practitioner and let the refer you to someone.

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Hey guys. Someone needs real help and you are acting like children. Crack jokes on questions about farting the SDK.

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Dr. Pepper

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Sorry, i had to. Really though, any of the above listed are basically the same thing, except a psychiatrist can prescribe medication. I know of a few people that are religious who seek counseling through pastors/priests, etc..

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Dr. Johny Walker can take care of everything.

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I think all the Drs afore mentioned were helpful at some point. I would go to your normal doc and take his advice but ask questions. I’m not a dr.

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Ive seen a therapist for a couple of years, she said I had an issue with depression, which was not news to me. It helpped a lot talking to her, and she recommended to see a psychiatrist for an antidepressant, due to the fact that talk therapy wasn’t quite cutting it. I never did go on meds, but the option is there. I would recomend to see a therapist or psychologist first, and let them determine what you need to do. If they feel you my benefit from meds, then they can recomend someone.

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See your GP first. He can rule out first any physical issues that you might be having that could mimic depression, or have depression as a component. A symptom of hypothyroidism, for example, is depression, among other things. If you have a good GP then he or she will ask you about your overall and general well being, how all areas of your life are, in addition to any physical symptoms that you have but might not have thought of to tell him or her about. They’ll make the referral from there, if necessary.

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What Deezer said (hi flutherlover!) plus you’d probably end up with a licensed counselor or psychologist. The psychiatrist is usually reserved for worse cases and for the day that you and your counselor decide you need antidepressants if it comes to that. If you’ve been depressed for two consecutive weeks, it’s time to get help.

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@peedub (no, you didn’t have to), simone54, Dine: what will it take for you to get the point of this site, and particularly this question? These answers weren’t funny twenty years ago and certainly aren’t now.

and Dr. Susan Love, FWIW, is a world-reknown Oncologist, specializing in breast cancer.

I hope that you three stay mentally and physically healthy and stop pulling the wings off flies…at least on Fluther.

Back to question; get a recommendation from your family doctor (and make sure to see what your insurance will pay for.) I went to a psychiatrist because he was informed about psychotropic meds and legally able to prescribe. But I had pre-Medicare insurance then. I couldn’t afford him now, but he was wonderful, insightful and a joy to work with for the several years I spent w. him

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Do you think the problem is chemical or situational? In other words, is your depression the result of a chemical imbalance, or are you having trouble coping with bad things?

If it’s a chemical imbalance, talk to your general practitioner and get a referral to a psychiatrist. There might be something else wrong.

If there are reasons for your depression besides the chemical, talk to a counselor of some sort – spiritual, if that suits you, or a psychologist or therapist who does talk therapy.

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