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SF natives: best dive bar in the mission?

Asked by syntak (275points) April 3rd, 2008
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‘cassanova’ or ‘the phone booth’ are both fun

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i live 18th and mission. i go to kilowatt cross the street or beauty bar, also cross the street. used to go to delirium, bit too trendy for me now. just looking for good conversation and good times. havent been to the bars in like a year. been a loser in an office.

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not in the mission, but worth a cab or bus ride is the Hemlock Tavern. The crowd is diverse and lively, plus there’s usually something decent musically related going on.

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I like Zeitgeist. It’s all old biker dudes, which is a nice contrast to most places in hipster-ville.

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Hemlock is chill for sure. Good crowd of folks.

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duh, i didn’t even think of Zeiteist. Yeah, best place to go on Sundays, hands down.

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Beauty Bar is where it’s at. Hollah!

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Definitely Zeitgeist!

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