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What is being done to solve water pollution?

Asked by rentluva5256 (555points) November 11th, 2010

Are we doing anything about it? Besides the simple things at home, what else are we doing to take action?

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You need to define this question a bit more if you want coherent answers. We have a lot of ways to resolve “water pollution”, and industrial and municipal water treatment can be amazingly effective—and often is—but what are you talking about specifically?

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Being done by whom? Why don’t we make a list and put what you are doing right at the top?

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Are you asking about things that individuals can do, or are you asking about society at large?

On a grand scale, water quality has actually improved drastically from conditions in the 1970’s. Of course, there’s still a tremendous amount of work to be done, and new problems arising every day (microplastics, ocean dead zones, and things like the great Pacific garbage patch, as well as the agricultural production methods that allow for pig waste lagoon leakage and the massive flow of antibiotics [and other drugs] into our water table from feedlot practices.)

On a personal level, probably the first thing “to do” is to educate ourselves on what the issues are and then make informed decisions about how our own actions can be moderated to reduce our impact on the environment.

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It is to magnanimous (and expensive) a task to correct.
The only thing you can do is do it yourself.

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Not nearly enough. The big scare now is pharmaceuticals showing up in our drinking water. Hormone and estrogen pills women take are showing up in our waterways and messing with the reproductive systems of fish. Antibiotics are also becoming a real issue and this is only going to get worse.

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I grew up in the west where water is hard to come by. I have since lived in the midwest in a rural community, and now I live in the east. In both the midwest and the east, water is plentiful (anywhere you don’t have to irrigate your crops, and you try to figure out how to get water out of your fields in time to plant in the spring). Nevertheless, water quality is extremely poor.

In general, there is a huge difference between attitudes of westerners and easterners regarding water. I have noticed that in parts of the country where water is plentiful, it’s very polluted, and if you fish, you are told to not eat the fish, or only eat it once a month. Where I come from, you can eat all you. catch. In the west, folks are always talking about water quality. However, I don’t hear much conversation about water quality in the midwest or in the east. It’s as though folks just expect to have to have dirty water come out of their faucet.

Translation: Midwesterners and Easterners don’t appreciate what a precious resource water is, and so they have allowed it to be destroyed.

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