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Who's somebody that you like and/or respect, but don't agree with on at least one important political, philosophical, or epistemological subject?

Asked by Brian1946 (23395points) November 11th, 2010

What are your differences of opinion with this person or these people?

On what subjects do you disagree?

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President Obama. He has publicly stated that he doesn’t believe that same sex marriage is right. Either we’re in profound disagreement about what civil, state-recognized marriage should be, or we’re in profound disagreement in what sort of opinions you should voice in order to make friends with a certain part of the constituency.

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My mother whom I love and respect. The last vocal disagreement we had was over the rights of the girl next door to be able to marry her SO, who also happens to be female.

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I have the same disagreement with Obama and Hilary Clinton.
I don’t know whether they’re being politically expedient or bigoted.

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I have the same basic disagreement with my wife and our niece.
I voted against CA Prop 8 and I think they both voted for it.

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I have a very good friend who’s one of those, “It’s my money so I don’t want to pay for your education or health care!” Republicans. We always have very civil discussions about our differences of opinion but it drives me a little nuts that he feels this way.

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My brother. He is prochoice and that really sparks a fire between the family.

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Most jellies.

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Right now, my dad. He’s stocking up on food and toilet paper like he’s preparing for another Great Depression. I’ve listened to the same speech two days in a row. And while I think it is a good idea to be prepared, I think he’s overexaggerating a bit.

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For me it has to be a few of the Democratic Jellies here that I have some of my favorite disagreements with and they are really good smart people who I admire for their POV’s and won’t name names except for that Lucille character who I just can’t even agree to disagree with on some things!

KHA!! ;)

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One of my brothers-in-law. Viet Nam veteran. Hard worker, Served the city judiciary faithfully for years and years. We can talk politics all day. But the one or two times I’ve mentioned to people in his presence that no, my father wasn’t black, he’s pressed his lips together like he was going to explode or something and growled “You’re! Still! Black! No matter what your father is! Stop saying you’re not black!” O_O Which, I don’t get it, I’ve never said that. Never tried to hide that.

For some reason, mixed people talking about any of their other ancestries besides the non-white one really sets him off. Don’t get him started about the kids some of his cohorts fathered while he served. If the father was black, then the kids are black. If the father was white, then they’re Vietnamese.

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Matt Browne (fellow Jellie)

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I have a friend whose political views are the exact opposite of my own.I don’t really care if we see eye to eye on that at all.
As for Cruiser? We both agree he can’t golf ;)

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My best friend is extremely liberal politically as is her whole family. I tend toward the middle of the road. We have to keep political conversations to a minimum. But I still love her and enjoy hanging out with her family.

My father became more and more conservative as he got older. He hit 74 or 75 and all of a sudden Rush Limbaugh was right about everything. Yikes! With him, I zoned out, nodded and said “Mm-hm” a lot.

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LOL…This could include a long list because I believe marriage is an unneccesary property state, that religion ruins everything it touches, that humans are not all monogamous and the polyamorous have as much rights as those who are not, and that the two party system has allowed for a plutocracy to control our country. When you start diverging in thoughts from the norm you tend to get into disagreements with others even if you have respect and admiration for them.

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You’re not gonna believe this, but I like Bill Clinton! He would make a great drinking buddy, but I doubt we would ever agree on anything political! : D

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Randy Moss

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George W. Bush. Invading Iraq to dissarm Sadam Hussein was a huge mistake even if there were WMD’s. Hussein was contained in a box. If he tried to use WMD’s outside of Iraq, then the world would have quickly squashed him like the bug that he was.

Iraq and the world is better off with out Sadam, but there was such a price to pay. Was it worth it? I don’t think so.

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I agree with your view on the Iraq war, but are you saying that like or respect GWB?

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One of the major reasons I like and am compelled to speak to most people is because they all have an opinion or some opinions that differ from my own. Understanding, discussing and debating ideas with others is what I live for.

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@lucillelucillelucille Your golf game is on par with your passion for cooking….NON-EXISTANT! If it weren’t for take-out you would perish!! KYA!

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@jonnyceltics: The arse espouses to too many lib policies to my taste but I can’t help but love the lug.

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Are you referring to this post?

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@Brian1946 not getting the link you were going for…(it goes back to this thread) but we’ve had an almost 5 year long distance bromance.

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Immanuel Kant. Incredibly influential philosopher, but In my opinion he got morality wrong.

Also he was an anti Semite.

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@Brian1946 I would be respectful to all Presidents of the U.S.A. including the ones that I don’t like or agree with.

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Kant was an anti-semite? I never knew. Has this been deduced from an open statement of his admitting (or near enough) such or more insinuations made in his books?

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Kant’s antisemitism has been deduced from a variety of statements made in his books and his speeches. This article does a pretty good job citing them.

Also, it shouldn’t really be surprising, since he was a German living in the 18th century.

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@satyagraha It seems my 18th century German sociology is rusty ;)

It’s bizarre to make discoveries such as these about famous thinkers. Even the greats aren’t without flaws it would seem.

Thank you for your insight, it is much appreciated.

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